Does the government need to regulate nutrition in fast food?

  • The government should regulate the food we eat

    There are a number of overweight people in the world, even more obese people. 1 of every 3 adults are overweight or obese. As you might know fast food should only be eaten once a week. Parents want to serve healthy food to their kids. Do you want your child to be obese?

  • The government should not regulate nutrition in fast food.

    People have the right to make their own choices about whether to put healthy or unhealthy products into their bodies. Fast food chains have made the step to inform the public about the caloric content and nutritional value that is in their products; now it is up to individuals to decide. Adding further government regulation makes it more expensive to create fast food which will ultimately drive up prices.

  • No, the government has no right to regulate nutrition

    People have every right to eat unhealthy food if they so choose. The government should make sure that the public is not deceived into thinking fast food is healthy. However, if a person has been properly informed that fast food is unhealthy, he or she has the final choice as to whether or not to consume it.

  • It is up to the consumer to decide what to eat.

    Companies that serve fast food are in the business of making money. While they do not want to ignore nutrition, profits are more important. It is up to the consumer to decide if he or she wants to eat this fast food. Government intervention is a waste of resources better served in other areas.

  • The government should not regulate nutrition in fast food, it should better regulate the ingredients.

    The governments job is not to regulate nutrition. It is only to make recommendations about it. The Food and Drug Administration is taxed with regulating the use of harmful ingredients used in the making of processing foods, however. If stricter guidelines should be placed on the use of such harmful ingredients, then the nutrition levels of fast food would not be as alarming.

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