• Yes, the government needs to invest in education.

    Yes, I believe the government needs to spend more on quality education. It is my belief that the funds currently allocated to public education could be used more efficiently and with greater results. I also believe that if 50% of the campaign funds used in government elections were applied to public education, our children would have access to the free and appropriate education we pretend to provide.

  • Government Education Needs

    I personally think that the government need to spend more money on education because so students can have a better understanding on their learning. I personally think that the government need to spend more money on education because so students can understand the concepts of a better education. I personally think that spending more money on education can help with student's test score,

  • Much more on education.

    There is a problem in the United States with education. We are not as bad as people have been talking about. But there is a disparity between areas. In rich states, like Massachusetts, academia is better than anywhere in the world. But in the poorer areas, it can almost be as bad as some third world nations.

  • All we can

    I think that the government needs to spend more on education, so that the kids here in the United States get a better education than kids in other parts of the world do, so that our professionals will be more highly trained that all of the other countries out there.

  • Do you realize education spending has no impact on students in schools??

    Believe it or not, education spending has skyrocketed over the past decade, but there has been no improvement in students scores! We could spend all we could, but it's going to improve students scores and grades at all. No more spending at all Please!!! I don't want to increase the national debt!

  • Education Spending Is Fine

    While all branches of government probably wish they had a bigger budget. They just need to learn how to allocate more evenly. This, the best schools get the most money stuff, is why so many other schools are struggling in the first place. Most people will succeed if given the right resources.

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