Does the government waste money on exploring space?

  • We have to discover other planet such as earth

    Our earth is polluting by us .And now we have very small amount space to live on earth. We have to find a planet which have water , oxygen and shelter so when the earth is full or polluted we can migrate to other planet to live :] written by samha

  • Space should be a private venture.

    The entire purpose of the Space Race in the 1950s and 1960s was to show the Soviet Union that we had the technology to launch ballistic missiles (such as the kind that might be tipped with nuclear warheads). The propaganda aspect of boosting public morale was a nice side effect. Well done, no one questions our capabilities today. Space exploration should now be left to private companies, letting them spend their money to figure out what business they should have among the stars.

  • We have no discoveries.

    While the idea of exploring space seems nice and like we would find a lot of things that would lead us to discoveries of other life forms in space, we have found nothing. We spend millions, even billions on exploring space and I do not think we have found anything worthwhile. It is a waste of time.

  • Solve Earth's Problems First

    Governments around the world spend too much money and time exploring space. Yes, some great inventions have been made due to outer space such as Velcro and cordless electrical tools with rechargeable batteries. However, more money should be put towards solving Earth's problems first such as hunger, poverty and homelessness before we decide to figure out if life once existed on Mars.

  • We need more funding in space exploration as the Earth we live on is doomed.

    With another galaxy on a crash course with the Milky Way Galaxy, the world that we live on is doomed. The Sun is going to turn to a Red Giant and swallow Earth, and if it doesn't the Sun will explode thus ending humanity instantly. We will not know what happened as we will be vaporised instantly. Besides Earth is running low on the resources it provides. The ozone layer is being damaged by cars and factories and is becoming thinner. The world is doomed. Admit it! Most police officers and governments are corrupt as it is. We need more funding for space exp

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