• Neither can give liberty, only defend it.

    However, an unfettered free market gives us abominations like sweat shops stuffed full of children, sharecroppers, and slavery. Without a government both capable, and willing to push back for the rights of the individual, i feel the market would simply turn us all into commoditities, to be bought and sold at our mercenary masters whims.

  • I have power over the government

    I think the government does more for liberty for two reasons. One, the government proclaims to believe in liberty and look out for it, whereas the markets look out for profits and the rich. Two, I have some power over the government every time I vote. You would think I could sway companies my way with my business, but most are more worried about their shareholders than their consumers.

  • The market does more for liberty.

    The market does more for liberty. The government is only there to protect the laws that it enacts but the market does the hard job. We are free to do whatever we want to do and we have the advantages of being able to create the products that we want to.

  • Neither one are doing a good job

    Government is about worthless with all of its dysfunction. They can;t get nothing done, and cater to the highest bidder anyways. The market is just to greedy and anything they do for liberty gets taken away by their greediness. People can't improve their lives when so many people at the top are rigging the system. They are the only ones that are getting ahead.

  • No, I think the market does more for liberty.

    I think that the government does not do as much for liberty than the market. I think that the market and the economy do more to promote the principles of liberty. The government is only there to make sure people are abiding by them. But the idea of capitalism is a byproduct of liberty.

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