Does the great white shark have the capacity to learn tricks in captivity like orca whales?

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  • Great White Sharks cannot be used to perform tricks.

    Great White Sharks have long been the top predators of the world's massive oceans. They have not significantly evolved for years because, biologically speaking, they are already at the top of their evolutionary form. Orca whales on the other hand have also evolved to become top predators, but their more docile nature has allowed them to learn tricks to perform for audiences. Great White Sharks are natural-born killers. Their intelligence has only been utilized for predatory means; they'll never learn tricks.

  • The great white shark does not have the capacity to learn tricks in captivity like orca whales.

    Sharks and whales are very different animals. It would be foolish to try to teach a great white shark tricks like an orca whale. It would certainly be too dangerous for trainers, and no one in their right mind would volunteer for this job. It is also inhumane to do this to these beautiful sea creatures.

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