Does the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) exaggerate the truth regarding animal cruelty on farms?

  • Hell yeah they exaggerate.

    For starters my grandpa has a farm loaded with goats.I raised a few,named a lot of them but some were still killed for food.But hey, it's called the circle of life.Pfft,as if every farmer is abusive.And as many animal experts should know,in a herd,there can be only ONE Alfa male.Its the farmers job to keep the peace and make sure they don't hurt or kill each other when fighting for dominance.Which means having no choice but to lower the male population.

  • Yes, they do a lot

    I live and work on a farm where animals are grown. The animals are always humanly taken care of. The animals are treated with the upmost respect. They are mistreated on no occasion. NEVER, have I ever seen any of the thing that are in the PETA videos. It is total bullcrap.

  • Strong word choice...

    PETA tends to use EXTREMELY strong words to describe certain situations. While some statements may be true to some extent, their choice in words makes for an entirely different story. While it is seen to be their "duty" to support animals and protect them from bad conditions, they more commonly bash those involved in the animal "cruelty."

  • I am an ardent lover of animals.

    I agree every animals need to be treated compassionately but i cant abide by every statements that PETA insinuate of. Somewhere down the line they create a stereotyped image of a certain group which certainly does not seem to be true. For instance , every factory farmers are ruthless and dairy farmers don't seem to care about the animals . It is not true in every case. People dying for animals to protect them to shield them from danger. I agree the crave for immense commercialization has seem to overlook the existence of animals but manier times , the case seems to be on the contrast.

  • Yes, They exaggerate A LOT!!!!

    Though I agree with many of PETA's point that animals should be treated humanly, they seriously need to realize that livestock are not the pets of their owners, they are actually that person source of income. Also they like to make it seem like every farm treats there animals a certain way when the majority treat them quite well. I know they want to stop animal cruelty worldwide but sometime I wonder if they just don't want the entire world to be vegans; then really if you think about where would humans be or what would we eat for the number of animals to humans would quickly surpass that of humans and they would then consume food that humans need to survive.

  • Peta only exposes the worst

    It all too commonplace for groups to use the worst of the opposition in order for the group to gain significant leverage over them. PETA is no exception, surely we can assume that most butchers are not violent sadistics pyschopaths, and surely we can assume that not all members of PETA are eco terrorists. If we only see and judge PETA by their worst actions, they have wayyy too many to list, then their agenda would be just as cruel if not more cruel than the disgusting videos they post.

  • Yes, PETA members are well-meaning but naive

    The members of PETA do a lot of good in the world, but it is
    possible that they overreact at times. People who have never thought about where
    their food comes from may well be shocked when they see evidence that farm
    animals are not treated like pets. Certainly all animals should be treated humanely.
    However, it is simply not economically possible to treat livestock with the tender
    care that the members of PETA naively expect.

  • Yes, PETA exaggerates a bit.

    While I feel that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals reports on true information that they receive, and that their videos aren't concocted, they're trying to make a point. Anyone who is trying to make a point is going to show one side of the debate, so they're not going to show video of a farm that's humane toward the animals. They'll only show what supports their cause.

  • Yes, they are over the top.

    Yes, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals exaggerates how animals are treated on animal farms, because they want to advance their agenda. PETA is inhumane in that they execute a great number of the animals that they rescue, some of them immediately. PETA wants political change. They are not interested in truly protecting animals.

  • For people who supposedly love animals, they sure like to film them suffering alot.

    I get that in order to get their point across they would logically show the absolute worst examples of animal cruelty. What I don't get however, is why the imagery is literally on everything they put out. Their website is basically a shock site with pages and pages of starving and injured animals covered in shit. It puts me under the impression that vegetarians and vegans get off on that sort of thing. It's just confusing.

  • I don’t think that the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) exaggerates the truth regarding animal cruelty on farms.

    I don’t think that the group People for the Ethical
    Treatment of Animals (PETA) exaggerates the truth regarding animal cruelty on
    farms. The way that many animals are
    treated on farms nowadays is absolutely disgusting. I think that if more people really knew what
    took place on these farms that they would be vegetarian.

  • NO they don't

    I do not think that the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals exaggerates the truth about animal cruelty on farms. I do think that they take the most extreme cases of animal cruelty and abuse and exploit that. I do not think that every farm participates in behavior that they say is more common. Overall, PETA just wants there to be better treatment of animals, and that is a good cause.

  • Their Exaggeration is Necessary and Honest!

    Although there are plenty of farms that treat their animals fairly well before death, there are also many farms that torture their animals their whole lives. This is the kind of thing that PETA must expose, so that people become aware of it and take action to make all farms humane. Without PETA's exposure of the more extreme cases of cruelty, how would we know that animals were suffering? How would anyone stop it? The answer is, no one would stop it! PETA focuses on the more extreme cases of farm cruelty, but it is necessary and honest. They do not present the whole picture of factory farming, but they point out what needs to stop and do it honestly.

  • PETA Is Trying to Make a Point

    For those of you saying that you lived on a farm and all the animals were treated very nicely, then that's great. But it doesn't mean it's like that everywhere. And PETA exposes the worst for a reason. If they only showed happy farms where animals are treated wonderfully, then what change would occur to protect animals. And all of the footage is real, so what is there to exaggerate? The fact is that animals are being slaughtered in cruel ways, and it is their job to make sure people know this.

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