Does the gun industry profit from violent video games?

  • Not directly, but yes.

    Video games are very fun and it exposes peoples to different experiences that they wouldn't have otherwise. Many people who enjoy first person shooter games will want to buy a real gun and have fun, or go to a gun range. This has an effect on the sales of the gun industry.

  • Gun Licensing Fee

    I have absolutely NO issues with violent video games, I play them myself. However, I would like to point out games that use actual company names in their arsenal. Games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty come to mind. The thing that people forget, is the video game developers need to pay licensing fees to gun manufacturers such as Beretta and Glock and the actual weapons need to be coded/drawn to emulate their real life representation. In essence, gun manufacturers have to certify the game devs that they have a realistic depiction of their weapons.

    Due to this licensing, each time you buy a game such as Call of Duty, you do give a bit of your money gun manufacturers. This is the reason why I boycott such games.

  • That's laughable at best

    As a responsible gun owner and a video game player. I would have to say no. As most games do not even come close to reflecting guns in the real world or do they even put actual names out there in most. The design and characteristics are so far off I can't see how it would create profit for them. I never once played a video game and decided I wanted to buy a real life equivalent to what is in the game. There is a huge difference between fantasy and fiction. Most people understand that.

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not think that the gun industry profits from the violent video games. Just because someone watches something violent happen in a game will not make them jump to go buy a gun. That would have to hold true for TV shows and movies as well, and it doesn't seem to be the case.

  • Video games do not cause gun violence.

    Looking at the question literally, the answer is no. It's not like users have to buy guns from Remington or whoever for use in game. If you meant in the broader sense that more people want to buy guns, well, still I think no. I love gunning down aliens in Halo games, doesn't mean I want to pick up an actual gun.

  • The gun industry doesn't profit from video games.

    The gun industry doesn't profit from video games. This is because of the fact that the gun industry doesn't make video games. If the gun industry also made video games, then the gun industry would profit from violent video games. The same people who like violent video games would have already liked guns.

  • Video Game Industry Profits from Violent Video Games

    The gun industry doesn't profit from violent video games because the guns in these games are virtual. The video game industry profits from violent video games since the direct sales of these games go towards the designers and consoles. People who want to own guns will do so anyway, regardless of what video games are played.

  • No, the gun industry does not profit.

    The video game industry profits from violent video games, just like they profit from all other video games. I don't think there are people rushing out to buy guns after playing Call of Duty, unless they were planning to buy those weapons anyway. There is little to no correlation between violent video games and gun ownership.

  • They Do Not Profit

    The gun industry definitely does not make a profit from violent video games. Video games actually cause more hurt than help. When people see how violent games are they start blaming people and the gun industry is usually one of the first to get fingers and blame pointed at the,

  • I do not believe so.

    My husband and brothers play video games that contain gun violence. None of them own guns or even have a desire to shoot guns. We live in a culture where the cry of "It is my second amendment right to own a gun" is heard often, especially in the wake of mass shooting tragedies. Violent video games and the gun industry do not have anything to do with each other and it makes me sad that the blame is always being passed when there is a problem, instead of being able to have a rational conversation about possible solutions.

  • I believe these two industries arent linked

    This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. We are going to try and blame these kids who have severe psychological issues on the fact that gun companies are in cahoots with video games just to make our kids more violent and go into schools and shoot them up? Kids will keep playing more and more realistic games its the parents who need to treat there kids better and make them go outside more.

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