Does the Head Start Program have a lasting impact on children?

  • Yes the Head Start Program does make a lasting impact on the quality of life for children is serves.

    Since 1965 the Head Start Program has provided comprehensive education, health, nutrition, services to low-income children. This mix of services and resources has enabled low income children to have many of the same advantages that higher income children have. It provides these low-income children the skills necessary to start kindergarten. This has a life-long impact on the child.

  • Yes the Head Start Program has a lasting impact

    I think that there is evidence that the Head Start Program does in fact have a long-lasting impact on children and prepares children for future schooling. I think that the program prepares young kids to think creatively and gets their critical thinking skills ready so that they can excel in higher grades.

  • Head Start has a lasting impact on children.

    The head start program is a government funded program to get children ready to start mainstream schooling. I personally believe the initial learning should begin at home, but there are some parents without the education themselves, or they are just too busy. Head Start helps with the fundamentals of learning, as well as social interaction.

  • Yes the Head Start program does make a lasting impact on lives of young children.

    The federally funded Head Start early childhood program has an important and lasting impact on the disadvantaged children. It provides the chance socially and economically disadvantaged children to gain education and social interactions they otherwise would not have have. Head Start allow these children to be ready for integration into the public school systems.

    Children enrolled in Head Start have a high school graduation rate that is 75% higher than those who do not attend Head Start programs.

  • Even a government study of the program concludes that the Head Start Program is ineffective by 3rd grade.

    The government did a study on Head Start and it concluded that the program was no longer beneficial after the 3rd grade. Unless students drop school by 3rd grade, the program is a complete waste of money. Is there any reason to keep it if the program doesn't have any impact after the third grade?


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