Does the fiasco prove a lack of government accountability in the U.S.?

  • Yes, it does show how sad they are

    I don't think it was a super eye opener for the people.but it does how messed up things can get if they put the hands in government care. The technical issues alone make people wonder what kind of people are running things over there. It is sad that the private sectors can do things better.

  • Yes, the fiasco with prove a lack of accountability with our government.

    Yes, the fiasco with prove a lack of accountability with our government. The reason that the fiasco was such a major issue with people was that when a website is released to the general public the site should work. When things do not work as how they are suppose to the cause a problem and turns away the general public from wanting to use those resources.

  • The fiasco does prove a lack of government accountability

    The government should have done more to verify and prove the effectiveness of their own website before launching Then, after trouble started, no one was anxious to step up and take responsibility for the shoddy management of the site. Government should be responsible enough to to do what they say they are going to do, when they are going to do it. It isn't surprising that more and more citizens are losing trust in government, because they do not demonstrate accountability.

  • Yes, the fiasco proves a lack of government accountability.

    I think that the whole debacle that was the initial stages of the sign up is proof that there is a lack of accountability when it comes to the government here in the United States. If something like that happened in any other workplace, a lot of people would have been fired.

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