Does the Help America Vote Act of 2002 in Effect Mandate the Use of Electronic Voting Machines?

  • Act Ensures Better Voting Machines

    After the 2000 Presidential election, the act was designed to improve voting machines and voting procedures in all localities. There was no specific mandate for electronic voting machines, but it was time to get rid of outdated voting procedures and introduce vote-counting to the 21st Century. Electronic voting machines are controversial, but they have improved upon what happened in 2000.

  • No, states still have choice.

    No, the Help America Vote Act does not mandate the use of electric voting machines, because local municipalities still have choice. The Act helps localities replace their outdated voting machines, but it also provides the funds to do so. The voting act still makes it easier for people to vote, but there are some provisions of the act that still make it flexible enough to allow for choice.

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