Does the hubbub around the movie "The Interview" make you want to watch the movie?

  • Yes I would like to see this movie.

    The movie sounds interesting but I'm not sure if I'll like it. I have a South Korean friend and he made it pretty clear that it wasn't funny and that it was a stupid movie so I'm not sure. It does have Seth Rogan in it though which might spice things up. Thank you and God bless

  • Stand Up For Freedom

    The Interview might not be something that many of us would watch under normal circumstances. Standing up to censorship and terrorism is a crucial part of a free and democratic society. Market forces should dictate the success or failure of a movie, not the actions of hackers and zealots. I would watch The Interview as a support of free speech for certain.

  • Media attention about the movie "The Interview" will only make it more popular.

    All the attention that the movie "The Interview" has received in the media will only make people want to watch it more. North Korea is providing free advertising for the movie. People are naturally drawn to art that is censored. When the movie is finally released, it will be extremely popular.

  • Does not matter.

    Sorry to say, the only movie I have seen of his was The Green Hornet. The sorry part is that I watched it. What a total piece of junk. Even though I watched it free, I still wanted my money back. Obviously this guy can't act, and with the trailers I have seen from this and other movies, his writing is limited to only being able to entertain stoners. People that can entertain themselves for hours by staring at lava lamp is not much of an achievement. Clearly the only way he could get his film produced with him as an actor, writer, or director is if he was the producer. Some say publicity is always good no matter how you get it. Making this movie more controversial to me just means that it is just a controversial piece of junk instead of just a normal piece of junk. I would not doubt that he drummed this whole thing up just to make people actually want to see it.

    I find it so ridiculous that they are using things like "Freedom of Speech" and "Censorship" like the movie represents something important. It's a comedy about tabloid TV hosts being recruited to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, not about some kind of actual injustice.

    Personally, I don't blame studios for not wanted to show such a piece of junk for their Christmas premier. If they did, they would probably loose money because of all the people wanting their money back, unless of course the theater is next to a head store or a place that sells "Alternative Medicines".

  • I already wanted to

    In a sense I guess it does make me want to watch it more, maybe. It does make me nervous to go watch it in theaters though. I have already wanted to see the movie anyway. It looks really stupid, but I am sure it is probably really funny too.

  • No, the circus surrounding the movie "The Interview" does not make me want to see it more.

    The incredible media coverage that has grown up around the international drama of "The Interview"'s release, or rather its lack of release, on one hand could seem like the best possible publicity for the film. Indeed, there may be a great many more people who will eventually see the movie now. But the fact remains that Seth Rogan and James Franco have been putting out awful movies for quite a while now, and this one can be no different.

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