• It helps us understand

    It helps us learn about human DNA. Without it we wouldn't know how some things work. Also it has made us find more cures for people with genetic disorders. So yes it was a good thing for us to do this research. People are now getting over there life long diseases.

  • Absolutely - more knowledge!

    Yes, the human genome project is helping us understand what makes humans human. It is giving us knowledge to prevent or predict genetic diseases and save money and lives in the future. The more we know about our DNA, the more we can do with it, and I would say that is definitely an advantage.

  • The human genome project has its advantages.

    The goals of the human genome project are to identify the causes of diseases and eventually to cure them. Of course, these are laudable goals. Although these results have been slow in coming, the intentions of the project are beyond reproach. In the future, our knowledge of the human genome will help to improve the treatment of diseases.

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