• Yes, it does

    Souls exist, I am certain of it. I do not think that statement is limited to humans, either, as I believe animals also have souls. A soul is not tangible, however, it is not something that can be seen or touched. That does not make it any less real. Souls very much exist.

  • Yes, I Have A Soul

    The first time I saw my second husband, I knew we were soul mates; it was like a lightning bolt flashing across the room where the sharing of souls took place. I did not know his name, where he lived, or where he worked. Nevertheless, I knew he was going to be my next husband because my stomach had butterflies that went straight to my heart and soul. We have an unbelievable connection that demonstrates to me our souls were sealed as fate. An example of that is he asked me “do you know that song” and before he finished his sentence, I answered with the exact name of the song he was thinking about, without one clue. Out of the millions of songs there are, I chose the very song he had in mind. I was able to answer that because I believe our souls connect something comparable to the phenomena twins’ experience. If you do not believe in human souls, I do not think you have met yours. I cannot put scientific words to it, nor can I explain the feeling. The one thing I can tell you is that it is a feeling that never leaves me.

  • Souls totally exist

    Every person is different...Every soul is different...That means people have souls. Now if to try to tie science in then stop...Just because there is no evidence doesn't mean it isn't true...I mean, if souls exist (which they do ) then we couldn't have evidence...Except for common sense. How could you have evidence from something that is emotionally based. If you still don't think that human souls exist then...I guess your soul wont enter the Kingdom of Heaven because "they don't exist". This is coming from a 9 year old.

  • There is a rational, biological explanation for our soul

    Our ‘soul’ is our species’ instinctive memory of a time when our distant ancestors lived in a cooperative, selfless, loving, innocent state.
    BUT that is a truth we couldn’t afford to admit until we found the clarifying, biological explanation for why we humans became competitive, selfish and aggressive; in fact, so ruthlessly competitive, selfish and brutal that human life has become all but unbearable and we have nearly destroyed our own planet!

  • I don't believe so.

    I don't believe that there is anything like a soul inside us that transcends death. I think that we only have one shot in life and when we die, our bodies return to the Earth and the universe. I don't believe that we have any form of consciousness or that we return as something else.

  • Atomic Particals & The Soul

    When a human dies, their heart stops beating & electricity ceases to travel (eventually) through the brain & nerves. Emission of light by DNA molecules ceases, and most report "seeing the light" or "having life flash before their eyes" as we pass away. But where does our consciousness go? Even when we sleep, we are conscious creators/observers of brilliant (or sometimes dumb) masterpieces of creative artwork (dreams/nightmares), whether we remember them or not. So although we could actually be accessing a spiritual world, Neuroscientists can prove that our brains are still active during this process. When we are born, what makes an egg & sperm cell living? Certainly a computerized robot can pick up stuff from it's environment and make itself from that stuff (metal, as an example). But does that make it living? Nay, only a robot. No conscious self-awareness. But even that, Neuroscientists have mapped (body parts as 3D synapsese), along with language (words have a predictable physical storage file before we learn to talk). The human brain, with a vat of life-giving juices and stimulation, could perhaps be "alive". But if the soul does exist, it either exists in an extra (non) physical dimension, or on things we cannot observe: subatomic particals. My theory is that life is fed from the sun through the nutrinos it emits, which pass through us to the deepest part of the Earth we have reached. I'm not sure if Astronauts would have been "protected" from Nutrino radiation, but I'm assuming they are not since they can penetrate through 4-7 miles of solid granite rock. It could also be that the soul lies within electrons, nutrons, protons, and "quarks/anti quarks" (if the latter exist). Therefore I conclude that 1) we cannot know, because technology may never advance to that point where we can "read" what is written on individual electrons, and 2) everything is conscious, or has the ability to be conscious, provided it is mixed with DNA and a functioning body (tree, dog, human), and "life juices" (changes in bonding of atoms in a systematic way, electrons flowing / being shared. And 3), I highly doubt there's a moral code that "God" wants us to follow and rewards/punishes us for. The details of the Bible are extremely sketchy about the before life & after life, and contradicts itself by stating that we were perfect in the Garden of Eden (Pangaea? Iraq?), then we ate a fruit and suddenly were labeled "imperfect", then Jesus had to die to take that label away, and finally Saint Paul said "every action is allowed, just not beneficial" to paraphrase him. It sounds like a bunch of Bollucks to keep human behavior controlled by leaders who want to keep taxing us because it is morally right for us to pay taxes. Have a nice day!

  • No Evidence

    One might note the varying definitions of the word/concept "soul." There is absolutely no evidence for any sort of metaphysical soul, and I strive to have evidence be the primary deciding factor for what I believe. I am of the opinion that the "soul" is simply an artificial human construct. I believe it's ridiculous to simply assert something because you "know it to be true ..because you feel it in your bones" (whatever that means). I agree completely with ETsYe-Ye.

  • Evolution of "Soul"

    If one believes in evolution then one must ask, "When did we hominoid-types acquire a soul?" 450,000 years ago, 350K, 200K, 100K, 50K years ago? I'd guess that when we evolved to a point of sensing loss of the dead, we not only invented "soul" but also the "God" concept.

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