Does the idea of free healthcare scare Americans?

Asked by: vaporizeislands
  • Indeed I think it does.

    Of course they are... Anything that is publicized scares Americans.

    A lot of conservatives are stating that because health care is becoming publicized they feel that their is a totalitarian take over on the horizon and that Obama care is highly unconstitutional. No one should have to pay for there health it's ridiculous.

    It is the same old situation in the United States. I'm sick of having to pay for my daughter to be healthy and to maintain my own personal health.

    Health care bills are responsible for a lot homelessness in America.

  • Yes it does

    Many Americans see universal health care as watered down communism and look only at the negatives of it. I'm pro universal health care because it has worked in Canada and many European countries and the cost of health care in the US now is extremely expensive even for those making 100,000+ a year. I think that humans in general tend to be scared of the unknown and health care is no exception

  • It upsets them.

    Americans view the European model of health care as socialist, communist, and something that should never happen. They view it as expecting the government to take care of you. For this and many other reasons, Americans are afraid of a universal healthcare system. They are also afraid of the high taxes it would take to sustain it.

  • Free Healthcare a Scary Idea for Americans

    In many ways, free healthcare is a scary prospect for Americans. Most Americans know that nothing is free. "Free" things offered by the government are paid for and financed by the taxpayers after all. That fact alone is enough to scare the average American away from free healthcare, but it's not a terrible idea.

  • I think so

    In my opinion as a non-American people are scared of increased government involvement in something so important. They also fear it will be used by the government to do things such as spy to get their personal information. Obviously as well the US is in a heavy deficit and increased government spending could have long-term problems. Taxes will be raised too.

  • No but it should

    There are a lot of people who like the free healthcare idea and they are not scared of it, but they should be. Nothing is ever free in life. what looks like a free thing is actually going to cost millions of tax payers a whole lot of money over the years.

  • No, the idea of government healthcare scares Americans.

    No, the idea of free health care does not scare Americans, because Americans are legitimately afraid of socialized medicine. When something is free, it is usually worth what you paid for it, which is nothing. Obamacare is also far from free. Most people are shocked when they find out what they still have to pay.

  • No it does not scare Americans.

    It is not the idea of free health care that is scaring America, it is the fact that if they do not get the health care required they will be penalized and fined money for not achieving the goal the president set for the new reforms. If there was no punishment for not getting health care more people would be less angry about it.

  • Free And Healthcare Aren't In The Same Sentence

    I do not believe any American has expected to receive free health care, so the idea of free health care does not scare Americans. Right now, many Americans feel as though they are being told by the government to purchase a product they do no want (health care). This is not cost free to the American public. We are afraid of what our government will force us to do next.

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