Does the idealism behind the concept of a Utopian society mean that we should not strive for it?

Asked by: yetifivepecks
  • The Problem with Utopias

    Utopias are a wonderful idea in theory but once they are put into practice they quickly fall apart (didn't you read 1984 in school?). Because people will never be perfect, government is needed to enforce THEIR idea of the utopia. When someone disagrees with the government's ideas they have to be fixed, stopped, or eradicated from society in order to maintain a perfect utopian society. If in the real world I though for a second it could be done I would sign up immediately, but unfortunately there is too much wrong with the idea of utopia in principle.

  • Utopia may never be truly obtainable, but that does not mean we shouldn't try.

    When there is peace, equality and unity between, and within nations, the people are generally happy. I have seen many criticisms of ideas and systems that strive for unity and equality. They are often written off as "too idealistic" or "Utopian". While I agree that not all ideas or systems can ever be practically applied to society, I believe that it is in all of our best interests to strive for a unified and equal society. An ideal society. The fact that a "perfect" society will never exist does not mean that we must fall in line and embrace the status-quo.

  • (how I feel about Michael Glazer)

    Seriously, utopia won't exist in this world because some just screw other people over without any mercy. That song is what I think Michael Glazer ought to stop doing. If he doesn't, one day, he'll end up in prison and his ass will belong to the prisoners, literally-speaking. He better never drop the soap in prison, or I'll pity him!

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