Does the Illuminati control the music industry?

Asked by: SitaraPorDios
  • Moloch is devouring our children's souls

    Satan and his followers have been using music and other forms of media to deceive our children, pulling them away from God. The new world orders have gained power, placing them in positions where they can push Satan's agenda. The Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove etc. All are careening our society in such a way that it seems natural. Their end game is an eventual mass sacrifice in an attempt to open the gates of heaven and wage war on God.

  • We Can Change the Tune

    So many more songs are being made about kindness, tolerance, and perseverance this year. There is still a lot of bad content out there on the radio, but we can make a difference and change the norm. And we don’t have to listen to that kind of music. Whether or not you believe in the Illuminati (I don’t), we still have free will, and we can change the tune.

  • You're joking, right?

    Okay, let me put it this way. If all people in the world started worshiping one entity and everyone around started to believe it out of lack of intelligence, wouldn't you think that's crazy? Oh, yeah, everyone does, it's called "god". I wasn't trying to support the other side, it was more a sigh of disappointment after that statement.

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