Does the increased use of gadgets promote anitsocialization in our society?

  • Reducing time with friends and family members

    Things like this happen when kids nowadays only spend their time with the computers, television and gadgets. They usually stuck in their zone of modern technology instead of having precious moments with family and friends. In social media, they tend to look nice and talkative. But if we meet them in reality life, that was absolutely different with their character in media social. They look more passive and having difficulties in life conversation with others no matter in their age or not,

  • Yes and no.

    Having our phones, computers and tablets at our side at all times does have benefits. One benefit is having all of our contacts grouped together and easily being able to reach any of our friends at any given time. The downfall of gadgets is our tendency to fixate completely on them, even at social gatherings with real people. They sometimes cause us to go off into our own world and ignore who is in front of us.

  • Increased use of gadgets does promote antisocialization.

    With the growth of technology and phones, it definitely shows that more people are becoming antisocial. Various times you can go to a restaurant or witness a group of friends hanging out while on their phones,completely ignoring vocal conversation. Also, it seems that we use technology to try and communicate instead of face to face communication in order to talk or contact each other. An example would be trying to reach someone with a text message or internet message rather than calling someone which is so much easier.

  • No and Yes, but mostly No

    We have always been an antisocial people. Just because Handheld devices and computers are replacing books and card games and newspapers doesn't mean they are worse. In fact, Technology helps us connect to the world around us and to with people who live further away with the click of a button.

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