Does the Indian education system need overhauling?

  • Skill based learning

    Indian education is more atten towards text book learning but not skill based learning .There should be more practical and experience based learning rather then textbook based learning .It would also help students getting more experience in one field and would also make it easy for them to choose their career options

  • Skill based education needed

    For the last fifty or so years, the Indian education system has been obsessed with mindless cramming and fact-learning; rather than the learning of skills and the exploration of creativity. A serious overhaul in education relevant to the quality rather than quantity of syllabus is needed; Indian kids spend way too much time in school learning unnecessary stuff.

  • Reform is needed in Indian education

    India has not had a serious overhaul in education for many years, and is more a patchwork or previous policies than any comprehensive plan. India will soon have the world's largest population, yet has a literacy rate at about 2 thirds of the population. The most pressing educational situation in India is inequality - specifically the lower rates of education for women and members of lower castes.

  • The Indian Education System Needs Overhauling

    The Indian education system needs overhauling because it is a very low quality system. The amount of education, the quality of education, and the quality of teachers are inadequate for a developing country. This creates a lot of economic inequalities for people and perpetuates the cycle of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

  • The Indian education system does not require any change

    The current education system in India is not Indian education system it is adopted from some other place Indian education system was the system mentioned in our holy books the system was of gurukul it is most efficient way so it should be applied. Please don't compare the current system with Indian education system

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