• The Internet Affects Reading

    Yes, the internet affects reading. On the internet, so-called "text speak" is used quite a bit. This form of writing strips down words to their bare essentials and causes the people that use them to not be able to spell or read words well in their actual forms. Thus the internet affects reading capability.

  • Yes, especially for school

    Many students aren't even reading anymore. It has become almost unnecessary for the students to read as they can all pass their classes without even reading the books that they have assigned to them using websites such as sparknotes.Com. The problem isn't the internet, it's the teachers. Teachers need to understand that students aren't reading and come up with their own tactics to get them reading again.

  • I agree, the Internet does affect reading.

    Although the information from books is more valuable, people look for the easier and faster way to look for their researches - the Internet. I think that the reason for this is that you can find information about whatever you're looking for on the Internet. If the Internet didn't exist, there would be no other source of information other than books.

  • Yes it is

    It is affecting reading because not everyone is a Rohil anymore and they use computers and don't read like a Rohil does and it is a very negative effect on children because books are more educational than stupid computer games that make you lose brain cells. I am Jasmine Harmon and that is all.

  • Internet addiction is detrimental to students

    Yes internet affects the reading habit of students. With the help of internet students search for answers for their questions without their efforts and without reading books. They forget their time to read when they sit to browse internet. This is a drastically negative effect of internet. They get familiar to some unusual sites.

  • No Internet do NOT Affect Reading

    Most of the complaints on here is about how students use the internet to get answers quicker or how they listen to the text instead of reading it. Whether you realize it or not, their brains still retain that information. It may not be on the surface but they have learned it. And yeah, so what if they listen to the text instead of reading it. The internet was created to be a helpful tool. I'm sure if most of you "Yes-ers" had this high quality of interne back in your time, you would be using it just the same. The internet may make people a little lazy when it comes to reading but it has not crippled us. We still know the basics and we still know how to pronounce and read we just choose a simpler method. Why make things complicated? And besides, if you think about it, the students have to read online to gets the answers.

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