• Yes internet brings people of the world loser

    Internet is one of the most useful social networking site to improve relations.As it is a "social"working site it obviously maintains social relation with people within and outside the country.Especially from facebooj we get to know about more people and about their lifestyle.We can communicate with them easily as though they are sitting just beside us.In the old age pen friends were made by sending letters to unknown persons by leaving in a place such as rivers,sands,etc.But now time has changed we dont make pen friends we make facebook friends!!!

  • People these days don't see each other that often as they did in the olden days.

    Back way when, families would get together for holidays and they would be eating dinner or something and the family was always very close to you but now a days families can be miles apart, for ex. one family could live in Mississippi and the parents siblings could all live in a different state and then the parents of all these kids could live in a different state along with the kids, it's just people move all over for work or interest in the state or something and the only way for the family to communicate is to text or e-mail or video chat or anything else that they can do to stay connected to each other. I the olden days families were usually only a few miles away and if they were farther away then the family didn't talk to them that much, unless they visited because they couldn't communicate with them.

  • Yes, the Internet brings people closer together.

    In modern days, unlike the past, families are spread all around the globe. This makes people have less contact with their own family members, who they don't even see very often, and be awkward when they see each other one day. "...using email and chatting software, connecting with family and friends who are far away geographically is cheaper and easier than calling or writing letters." Standford University said, and it is true. The price is way cheaper and takes much less time, which is a win-win situation. When we go out of the "family" situation, the Internet also can "gives both individuals and businesses more opportunities than ever before to extend their networks and reach out to people they may otherwise never meet.". Like this, the Internet brings people bring people closer together.

  • Yes, the Internet brings people that are far away closer together, due to making communication much easier.

    Families no longer stay in one area, they can be spread out not only across the country, but across the world. Without the internet,we wouldn't be able to stay in touch with them like I do now. The internet allows us to chat live, share pictures and videos, play games, etc. That's something that phone calls and letters just can't compete with.

  • Yes, the Internet does bring people together, because it's such an easy way to make friends.

    Yes, the Internet does bring people together. I have been online since I was 16 years old and, ever since, I have been able to make new friends. I also am able to stay in contact with friends who have moved far away. It is a great thing to be able to chat daily with friends in Europe or other places in the world. Some say the Internet keeps you from people. But, I think it does bring your closer, because you can talk to each other more often and sometimes at a deeper level.

    Posted by: NorChiquita
  • The Internet allows people from remote areas to connect with each other and share mutual interests, thus bringing people closer together.

    Some would argue that the Internet makes us more isolated. The truth is, however, that the Internet allows us to communicate across vast distances and find those with similar interests and hobbies. It also makes it easy to connect with friends and family who live far away. In this way, the Internet brings people closer together.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Yes, the Internet brings people that are far away closer together, due to making communication much easier.

    On the Internet, a person in the United States can talk to someone in Australia and Puerto Rico at the exact same time. People can become familiar with people from other cultures. The ease of sharing personal stories online teaches people that we're all more similar, than we are different.

    Posted by: 54ndDavi
  • Katea

    First of all, to business, the Internet have given business people a much more a chance to manage relationships with their customers and clients more effective and quickly. In fact, conference online and chat services are implemented on the Internet have led to increase in opportunities for person-to-person communication anytime and anywhere. Most these things are quite cheaper than the cost of traveling long distances to meet and talk directly. Simply, workers just stay at home in front of computer screen and then remote access communication via the Internet. That is reason why a global company may have partners and customers from Europe, America or even in Africa.

  • Jess414

    yes i do beleive social media brings us together because i have family all over the world. its the way i stay i contact with them.

  • Yes, because certain social sites allow people to communicate with others more easily than they could in the past.

    Certain social sites allow people to connect and communicate with their circle of friends more easily. Prime among these sites is Facebook, though other message boards and networking sites also achieve this. With these sites, people can share experiences, ask for advice, and stay in contact with people who have moved far away.

    Posted by: RaymoCanyons
  • The Internet make people farther apart.

    Yes of course you can use Facebook and Twitter to talk to your friends if they move away or you haven't seen them in a long time, but there are some mean things out there that can tear a person apart piece by piece and the good things don't make up for that.

  • Cyberbullying, Isolation, and Family Time

    Yes, I believe that the internet brings people closer together in more than one way but there are many ways that may drive them apart, such as cyberbullying, isolation, and also the fact that this technology is the reason why family has only 8 hours together per week. Cyberbullying has been the cause of many deaths in America (approximately 2.5 billion deaths per year) which have tore many families apart. The internet also encourages isolation from the things and people around themselves which also causes less time with family (8 hours per week) and is the reason why family has less time together. The internet may bring the family together, but it also tears them apart.

  • This is about the addiction of emotional content towards our devices

    For all you on the opposite side of my choosing, let me ask you one question.. When you talk to a "friend" on Facebook, or text them, or use instant messaging, you can talk about, pretty much anything right? Well what about in face-to-face contact. Would that change anything? You might say no, but don't lie to yourself. We (including myself) have attached this "false emotional content" into our devices. We say things through texting/Instant messaging that we can't say in person, which gives us a sense of excitement. So of course, you get addicted to this object.. And soon, you aren't able to get off it. Soon, our social skills will be completely flushed down the toilet. I know mine are getting there.

    - sincerely an 18 year old female terrified for the becoming future.

    Posted by: emb
  • People just want to stay home

    Most people I know would rather stay at home and talk to strangers or play computer games rather than socialize with family, spend time with kids, play games, fish, camp or anything else. Somehow the normalcy of life has been lost. I use the computer as a learning tool, and for communication too...But it seems there is way too much of a good thing. :(

  • There is a lot of information conveyed during interactions based on facial features and hand motions, and this is all lost during online communication.

    There are two main reasons that the Internet does not bring people closer together. First, it eliminates interactions. Second, it dehumanizes communication. By searching on the Internet for places to eat or shop, they eliminate conversations that used to be held between friends and family. Then, when there are conversations on the Internet, because of the lack of face time, there is so little substance that no lasting connection is made. Also, these conversations tend to not be genuine, because people will say things online without thinking, which, as social creatures, is not the way we were set up to interact. In conclusion, I feel the Internet makes people more isolated and jaded towards their fellow human beings.

    Posted by: FabulousLucius90
  • I do not agree that the internet brings people closer together. In order to become closer with others, actual real life time has to be spent with them.

    The internet perception of a person is who they want the rest of the world to see. Closeness with other people does not develop based on what people say about themselves. People begin to learn things such as mannerisms and other qualities that are not put into words. It is true that more people can stay in contact through the internet, but close friends and family still interact the old fashioned way. If anything, the internet is destroying close human relationships.

    Posted by: IiamBaby
  • I think that the internet encourages anti-socialism and isolation, while it is an excellent tool it hinders real communication

    The internet and technology in general encourages people to stay away from others. At one time visiting was all that we could do to be around others. We cherished each other more then. Then the mail system was introduced and we wrote, and stopped visiting. Then the phone showed up, and we called instead of writing or visiting. Now we text, and people have hundreds of folks on their friends list and couldn't tell you anything of depth about them. I'm not saying that the internet doesn't allow us to communicate with people all over the world, only that through this we've forgotten how to communicate with the people the live in the same house.

    Posted by: XglossyWynd
  • No one see's anymore.

    Have you ever took five minutes to just look around. I mean honestly look around, How many people are on their phones? How many people are neglecting something that they should be getting done because of their phone. If you look around and realize that people have become addicted to their devices, You may think twice the next time you get o your. Think "Do I really need to? Is my phone a necessity right now? " You may come to realize there are better things in life.

  • Old fashioned 'VALUES" gone

    If you watch a sporting event -especially baseball ,where the tv camera 'spans more ,than per -say football , a HUGE majority is on their cell phones . No 'knocking on the front door to visit , or REALLY actual phone calls --like BOTH use to be .I'm 61 and (for now) disabled -my friends never call or come by. MOST everyone is 'into themselves for 'how many FOLLOWERS they have etc. Personally wished it never happened

  • The internet allows bullying and indecent pictures to be posted

    Unfortunately, the internet has become a source of bullying not just for teenagers but for adults as well. How many videos go viral depicting fights, bullying, comments that should not be said etc. Additionally, this is an avenue for people to join together to attack another person by posting something negative on a person's social media page or through snap chat. The internet is a dangerous tool that has caused people to feel so isolated that they have even attempted suicide.

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Anonymous says2013-05-23T07:21:55.307
Wow, those are weird things about the internet.
Anonymous says2013-08-30T19:47:18.247
Internet will soon be invisible in its functionality to the extent that we will not be thinking of it as screens, keyboards and most of all as addictive "computers". This change is happening. For instance, we will get used to the idea that a car stops before it hits anything and attribute that to the car itself as its built in functionality.
enochadnerson1410 says2017-04-21T17:17:48.700
Some of this sucks

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