• Yes it does.

    I believe that internet brings us closer together because many people make MORE friends online than in real life. Since 2010, 8/10 people who get married in that time period gets their husband/wife a online dating website. I mean you can get friend online but don't be retarded. If some guy is asking you to be their friend and they look shady like OMG IT'S A WHITE VAN WITH A CANDY SIGN ON IT shady. Don't be THAT guy who's desperate to get anyone they can get as their friend. When making friends online make sure you check what they do like what is their interest and other thinks like that. If you don't like them you can just tell them they are not the right one for you (just make sure you block them or you might get spammed [I have some experience]) So friendships is made online

  • The internet was brought humanity closer than ever before

    The Internet has united humanity. It has given us a new universal way to communicate. It allows families to stay close, even when separated by thousands of miles. It allows news to reach remote corners of the globe, and help keep propaganda from spreading to far. The Internet has brought us closer to a one world consciousness than ever.

  • In general, no it doesn't.

    Although we have the opportunity to reach out to people across the globe, the truth is this rarely happens. Also, we spend most of our time shopping, reading jokes, and looking at pictures of celebrities. All the while, we ignore those closest to us. It also keeps us from forming friendships in person.

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