• Yes, the internet belongs in education.

    All of the newest technology, including the Internet, should be taught in school. This is to ensure that all kids have the opportunity to learn the tools necessary to be successful when school is over. The world is changing and technology is the driving force. We cannot afford to leave our children behind.

  • It's a useful tool.

    The internet's place in education is like the place of the nuclear bomb in warfare. It's not necessary, and it can be easily abused, but it still has a useful place if the right restrictions are placed on it. For instance, it can open up the possibility of longer and more in-depth research projects from an earlier age and in a shorter amount of time.

  • Not for joking

    If students are searching any thing that doesen't involve what there post to be doing for an assignment or project, they shouldn't be doing it . Because the next thing they need is to be getting in trouble for it. Or be getting marked down for searching for anything that doesen't involve the assignment or project.

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