• Yes it does

    I think that it does because books don't have all the info that you need. Also, with a book you have to search and search but with the Internet you can type what you are looking for and then there are many choices that you have you can have. The internet is making kids or children smarter.

  • Yes it does!

    The internet gives children many different learning websites, there are many apps that provide educational shows and videos with (mostly) no commercials, technology can give the kids a place to play when they need a break, and in general, there are many more options for children to play with and learn about.

  • It should be allowed in our case of wifi

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  • Yes it does !!!!!!!!!!!

    It does because kids play learning games at school. They learn mostly and play a little and when they do a report for school , it gives them real information. Children have to keep learning by books and the internet. So we need children to keep the computers and books.

  • Depends on the mentality of the child

    A knife can be used to cut your vegetables or to murder, sugar can give you instant energy or diabetes, just like this internet can either be used for the betterment of a child or otherwise. If the child has been taught of the proper moral skills and social development skills from their small age by their parents, and if the mentality of the child is in proper status, actually using the internet is of no problem at all and will definitely improve the child's mental capacity as well

  • Internet does make children smarter.

    Children can learn more colorful things on different website, if they only study the textbook, they cannot learn social skills, things you need to be careful when you walk in to the future, and all the thing you cannot learn in the class. It can make their life more colorful.

  • I believe it does

    Maybe people lately are starting to misuse the internet, but if used in the right way. I believe it can, matter of factuality help make children smarter. Yer there's misinformation, yes there's less socialization. But information on the internet. Wikipedia. Google. You can access the world just sitting in your place. You can communicate with different people. Learn different languages and argue with different opinions. They become more socialized then people who lessen the use of internet. And smarter too. For example, I have social anxiety.. Using the internet excessively or not, I will still be social awkward. But when I am using the internet I tend to become more social, people don't judge me that often. Therefore, I can express my thoughts and exchange information freely. I am more intelligent thanks to the internet. I learn new words by reading things online and I exchange information with people my age just like I would do If I wasn't using the internet. So yes, internet does make you smarter, if that is your goal from the start :)

  • It would all depend on how a person utilizes what is presented to them

    Knowing how to use a 'tool' would basically guarantee a positive feedback. One who has no idea how to operate heavy machinery wouldn't be successful in using it. There is the issue of how does one tell if they're using something correctly and as the Internet is a vast information pool, providing guidelines would be a great task. And I don't see any guideline being accepted within the circles of the people who 'control' the Internet anytime soon. What we can hope for is simply for any user to exercise their own prejudice and understand the limitations and expectations of the Internet.

  • Yes, it makes children smarter

    When using the internet, you learn typing skills and information from a vast amount of websites. No matter what the child is doing on the internet, I can guarantee that they would have learnt something, this includes; the punctuation of words, paragraphing and sentence structure on informative websites. Or can even be something like looking at an add, where you learn about marketing.

  • Hey no way

    Not necesserally, It doesn't The Internet only gives children information, and very often wrong information! The Library holds books which are more promissing and truthful. By visiting the library children do not only find out information but also learn a new skil: to be able to research books in the library. Children will probably be able to find Fiction books too!

  • Not necesserally, It doesn't

    The Internet only gives children information, and very often wrong information! The Library holds books which are more promissing and truthful. By visiting the library children do not only find out information but also learn a new skil: to be able to research books in the library. Children will probably be able to find Fiction books too!

  • The Internet Does not Help Children Grow

    I strongly believe that the Internet is not a good venue for children to learn and grow their intelligence. Consider a basic example of researching a famous person for a homework assignment. Instead of the child going to the library and learning the tools required to research published articles and books about that famous person, a child can simply go online and find the necessary information needed to complete the assignment. The key to note here is that the child would find the quicker method because their purpose is to finish the assignment as fast as possible. This method does not give the child the ability to think outside the box nor does it teach the student the necessity of researching a subject matter in detail. The skills that are acquired by going to the library and digging through books is lost, and therefore certain skills are not gained in the child.

  • It depends entirely upon how they choose to utilize it.

    Note that the question is, "does the internet make children smarter?" The question is not, "can the internet make children smarter?" Therefore, I am answering accordingly.

    To begin, one thing that I have realized recently, is that the internet is in essence an expansion of the collective mind. When we go on the internet, we are writing exactly what we are thinking. We don't have our speaking skills to stand in our way-we only have how good we are as a writer and a reader to limit us. As such, what we say will be viewed by somebody, and they will learn what we have learned through reading it. It was at one point my basic reason for standing against internet censorship. However, it has now transferred over to my understanding of the internet as an entity-you can read the minds of those willing to share their minds. This gives us access to a bounty of knowledge never before known to the world. Despite this, one must be willing to access that knowledge in order to learn it...

    There are many examples of individuals who don't use the internet to expand their knowledge. There are many individuals who exclusively seek out entertainment, or individuals who seek self-conformation.

    Misinformation is very prevalent on the internet. What I have learned is that unless I look at every side of an argument, it is useless for me to form an opinion on the topic at hand. Many people don't see things this way. If someone heavily leaning to one side in an internet argument reads a well-written lie that supports what they believe in, they will then repeat it elsewhere, only serving to spread disinformation, and they will believe it until it is either disproven with extreme evidence, or if the guy who wrote it admits he lied... Or strips naked and runs around in the middle of the street (Jason Russell).

    As for the extent that the entertainment industry and social media inhabit the internet-I feel that there are many cases where they not only do not make children smarter, but A. Instill certain ideals and concepts into their minds that will serve them no with no positive purpose in the future, and B. Consume time that would be better suited for their studies, for a useful hobby, or for social interaction outside of the internet that could help them form personable bonds for the future.

    The Internet *CAN* make children smarter. They must properly utilize it, however, for that to happen. Simply accessing the internet will not make you smarter unless you pursue a goal that will increase your understanding of various topics that will better prepare you for your future.

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