• The internet does make us less social

    Growing up with electronics and socail medias, we're able to talk over phones, computers and even X-Box's. But that made it so we wouldn't have to go outside and actually strike up a conversation with a stranger whom may have the same interests and end up being your bestfriend. Social media's have also made it hard for the dating world, developes more distance. Instead of going on a date or going out, you're in bed on the phone or texting rather than actually hearing a persons voice in person, and actually being able to shake their hand or hug them or even kiss them. Isn't that better than calling or updating a status? What happened to hand written letters and heart felt gestures instead of sappy long texts and random love quotes? Or going outside to play games or going out for coffee and having a drink with friends. It's all changed with social media's and such.

  • More social online, Less social in real life

    This is something I've discussed with a friend a few years ago. The internet is a great way to share ideas, but people don't really see each other as much as they should. It's kinda sad when someone has to get on Mumble to talk to you when they are under the same roof.

  • The Internet makes us more social

    No, While we are less likely to talk face-to-face on the internet we are social. The internet allows you to talk to people half-way across the world. Reunite and catch-up with friends you haven't seen in years. The internet doesn't make us less social it makes us even more social.

  • The internet makes us less social because it distracts us from whats out there in the world.

    We expect more from technology than we expect from our self. When its time to talk to each other in person its barley a regular conversation. We only like technology because we can put our attention anywhere we want it to be. Technology is shaping a new way of being.

  • No, the Internet makes us more social.

    No, the Internet has made it so that we're more social. It's just that it's in a different way. Talking to someone you haven't spoken to in years via Facebook is still a way to socialize and I think that, in time, communications scholars will realize that. I think the Internet has helped tremendously.

  • Just because we are communicating in a different way doesn't mean we are less social

    With all the new technology and social media, it is easy to get swept away into a completely virtual world. However, a lot of the time spent on the Internet is spent on social media. People are making connections and communicating with people from all over the world. While you can't see them in person, you are still interacting with them. It is a good way to get to know people first and then maybe you can meet or Skype.

  • It makes us more social.

    No, the internet does not make us more social, because the internet makes us more social. The internet makes it so that we can stay in touch with people all the way from elementary school through death. It allows us to talk to people when we have the time. It makes us more social, not less.

  • Makes Us More Social

    I believe the Internet makes people more social, not less. I believe the Internet allows people to communicate over larger distances and with people from different communities and culture. The Internet has increased the chances of being social by providing a new platform. Communication has increased a great deal with this invention.

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