• We need to protect the children.

    Children need protection. Their parents will not be always sitting by them to make sure they are safe while using the Internet . Of course not all children are bad, but even in some game websites there are some links which will lead you to some immoral and inappropriate websites, so blocking these kinds of web sites will make your children safe and let you relax.

  • I fully support this

    Look at the amount of stupidity, racism, sexism, pornography, and basically other junk on the internet. I and many others don't and shouldn't have to muddle our way through this junk every time we go on the internet. Little children should not be exposed to these things early on or it could damage their development. So in the end, I would prefer for the internet to be regulated so we don't have to go through this internet filth every day.

  • You want the truth?

    If you want the truth, find out about it yourself. Firsthand. Not from some loud-mouth trolls or bullies which are so prevalent nowadays online. Plus there is ore misinformation than real information online these days. So it even more confusing and scary. It stops progress. A business that is good ,but being bashed by one "unhappy" client, even though its the client's fault, may actually close down. How is that a good thing?

  • Some people should not be exposed to certain things.

    Some of the websites on the internet show different things such as information or adult themes and rude pictures. These should be censored so under aged children cannot see the inappropriate content. By doing this we are making sure that our children can live innocent and happy lives without being exposed to many different things.

  • I think it is clear that the Internet needs censorship, since many adult sites are readily accessible to children.

    I believe that the Internet should be treated like a public place and should be policed accordingly. That means censoring adult or offensive sites that are readily accessible to children, among other much-needed censoring measures.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • YES, the Internet needs censorship.

    It's not the freedom of speech that is targeted in the Internet censorship targets, it's the posers, the hackers, the theft of personal information, the wide spread of pornography, the social disconnect of people because of online game addictions. Internet should be strictly regulated to ensure the cyber wellness of people using it. It's not enough for the parents to tell their children not to go to pornographic websites because there is no assurance for the children to follow what their parents have said.

  • It's not just about porn that the internet should need censorship.

    I think what's being missed here is that there are more harmful things on the internet than just pornography or sexual images we don't want our kids to see. The most dangerous things are ones that adults don't know about.
    For example, pro-anorexia websites, where viewers have access to extreme diets, "inspiring" photos of severely skinny girls, and codes of conduct. These codes include phrases like "If you aren't thin, you aren't attractive" and " You must buy clothes, style your hair, take laxatives, starve yourself, do anything to make yourself look thinner". Sure, you can make the argument that parents shouldn't let their kids onto these sites. But the truth is a lot of parents aren't even aware that their child has an eating disorder.
    Another thing trending on the web these days are suicide and self harm how-to's. The target audience is mostly teenagers and young adults looking for help in taking their own life. They can even take a quiz to see which method of suicide is best for them.
    I think in cases like these, there is absolutely no reason that this information should be accessible.

  • Idiots will follow other idiots & Printers can turn deadly !

    The internet should censor things that could possibly induce violent behavior. Do you think the boston bombers knew off top on how to make bombs? No! That information can be found online. Just a while back I was watching a video of a dude who apparently found out how to make an assault rifle out of a 3D printer. A PRINTER !! The irony. And someone thought it was a good idea to put it on the net. We do not only have to worry about people with guns but depressed people with 3D printers !!! Censor some of this unnecessary mess.

  • Too many people with mental problems

    The internet has been providing people with mental illnesses graphic images and ideas that fill their head. Why do you think we have people shooting up movie theaters and being able to make homemade bombs? All of this information is available online and provides a training ground for sick individuals. How many child molesters do you think have been created from the sick crap available online? I think we need some serious online protection.

  • Stop the bombs

    Why are we allowing this information on the Internet? Just sign on, type in your subject, build a bomb and kill our citizens! This is insanity! We do not need to feed the minds of the radical nuts and insane people. To allow propaganda to be accessed is crazy. We should stop it.

  • It's a violation of the 1st Ammendment

    If you're censoring things people are putting on the internet, it's a violation of their freedom speech and press and you can't do that. Plus, the internet is the internet. Regular civilians aren't the bosses of it.They can't monitor everything that goes on there. Also, how do you know exactly everything that your censoring couldn't be helpful to someone? Just because you, one worthless little person, thinks it's corrupting kids or the internet as it was made, you're way out of line.

  • No, we're not in a dictatorship.

    The Internet was made to be free and so that anyone could share the ideology that they wish. By suppressing our right to share our ideas you're suppressing our right to our freedom. Yes, I acknowledge the negatives but there is much more positives from freedom of speech than censorship.

  • Everyone has the right to privacy.

    I think we should have privacy online. Parents and guardians should trust kids on the internet. Only 10% of kids actually do bad stuff on the internet, but what about the other 90%? Parents should stop stressing about your kids and read a book and relax. Children start obeying your parents and everyone will be happy.

  • Censorship violates the First Amendment.

    To censor the Internet would take away from one's freedom of expression. One could not blog their ideas or share art in places such as DeviantART and the censorship would spread to other facets of daily life. Censorship is not even defined by the Supreme Court which means it's held to the individual judge case by case.

  • We don't live in Communist China.

    You've seen how people are treated in China. They have no freedom of speech, even more so on the internet where it's most valued. Emails are pilfered through by government officials to check for anti-government sentiments, and bloggers and other types of news officials are severely at risk for imprisonment if they're found out by the government. It's has shown to be oppressive in other countries', so why would you want it here.

  • Freedom of speech

    You should be allowed to do or say whatever you want without the government interfering. You shouldn't have to worry about getting arrested for downloading some music. If we let this go on then eventually everything even remotely politically incorrect will be censored and the people with different opinions will be oppressed.

  • There is no Reason

    There is no reason for internet censorship. What we can't get in the internet we can get at libraries, magazines, and books. Might as well ban them all too. Then ban all art, museums, farms, and whole cities too. They all contain the same thing the internet does.

    There are programs that can manually censor things for people who want to keep their ignorance. It is not the job of any one entity to censor anything. Who decides what is appropriate or not? It should be each individual's choice. If you don't want your children seeing obscene things, do the job yourself and stop relying the government for something you should already be doing.

  • Porn is not the main cause for wars in other countries!

    Censoring the Internet should be the parents' job whether or not they want their child to surf the net. If people are so scared that their kids will accidentally cross over onto the "dark side" of the Internet, there is always parental locks, and even total ban from the intent! Even if they "don't have tat ability", technology will still keep on growing regardless of the efforts of both the parents and the real terrorists...

  • Freedom of Speech

    By censoring the internet, they'd be taking away the inherent right to freedom of speech. SOPA was a bad idea already. I mean, the more you opress people, the more they'll push back. Take down a torrent site, a new one pops up. Block something to people under 18, they'll just lie about their age. It's useless.

  • Obscene is only an opinion

    The internet is not owned by anyone. It is a place of free information that anyone may access whenever they want. Limitations is like saying lets just give in a little and maybe they will stop. People tried that in WWII and millions of people died. You cannot trust corporate funded corrupt politicians with you freedom. Obscene is only arbitrary, what offends you does not offend me in the slightest. If you don't like it then don't use it. No one is holding a gun to your held and telling you to watch porn. With censorship, it only gives the government more power to do as they please. Just because I don't like Christians I should be able to shut down all religious sites?

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Quan says2013-06-08T14:13:05.730
Nothing says misplaced priorities like rampant censorship.
Anonymous says2013-09-06T17:43:17.957
If its good enough for you its good enough for me :D
Notafraidofyou says2014-10-23T16:14:46.423
If you want to know why the internet needs censoring? Read all the anonymous comments from people who use anonymity to insult others. There is your problem right there. They wouldn't say it to your face. Like...Ever....
crock says2014-12-02T06:37:25.540
I appose censorship of any kind. Especially when someone claim's it's to protect the children. That's a load of crap. If someone doesn't like what they see then quit looking. As for the kids , we should help them to understand the right or wrong of it as we understand it then let them form their own opinion. That is the first step toward teaching them how to practices self censorship.
CaptainGinyu says2015-03-12T01:10:11.970
Its an agenda to keep the truth off the internet, so they can make up their own truth. The American Internet is already being censored, and has been since 2003. After 2003, all the major search engines were altered to not give you exactly what you searched for. I remember getting stuck on games, and suddenly I was frustrated as it took longer to find the solution. Before 2003 you could type in virtually any quote, and it would ping up a few thousand times. Clearly, you arn't the first person who ever thought of that were you :D. Click the link and read what they have to say. Anyway, it will only get worse, as they're forbidding the use of newspaper Articles. Whether we like it or not, the internet will continue to be censored, right underneath our noses, at a slow steady pace so we do not rebel and are astonished at the actions. Keep in mind, alot of the elite want you dead which is why they push the unhealthy American carb diet through their media. They want you dead and push you to get a flu vaccine when you could get a chronic sore throat from influenza and die. Its an Agenda to kill us and make us uninformed. So its a good thing in my opinion to have a doctor's opinion on the internet, or just a random health fanatic's opinion, many times its a combination of both. They present the information and then you decide. China is currently being censored, they forbid the use of Youtube, Facebook, Google, and Cnn. Its part of the world agenda to keep information off the internet, because they want total control over us, and control our ideas. Many might say they're planning for our demise, which should definitely not exceed 60 years. Now don't get me wrong many of the vaccines are necessary, for disease that was known to kill 1/4th of the population in the past, like measles, smallpox, and other things. But injecting yourself with Influenza, with people who are immune compromised which is alot of Americans on the high carb no nutrient diet are, these vaccines are a death sentence. So the internet should not be censored. Its best for all the information to get out, the right stuff, and the wrong stuff. Stop suing doctors, the information is all on the internet, hold yourself accountable for your actions, and do the research yourself. This is what the internet is for, and should be used for. The media pushes the wrong ideas many times, and pushes wrong information. So more opinions shouldn't harm anyone. We need to be able to contest what we're being told, whether its right or wrong. Everyone should be free to speak their opinion, whether they're a devious media elite, a doctor, the average person, a health fanatic, or just a crazy person. The media elites are usually selling something, whether it is bread, milk, eggs, corn, meat, sugars from fruit, or any kind of refined sugar. Its good to not have the approval of the media Gods. Youtube is a good tool for this, you can search doctors, regular individuals, and health fanatics. The doctors win every time. But you know, the power of all the opinions is a good tool. If I were a media God I could tell you anything, and expect you to believe it, maybe I would push the diabetes carb diet. Here have a Burger and a milk shake, Bread is perfectly healthy! Oh all the sugars you've eaten for the past 10 years gave you diabetes, and now your blood clot, and now your dead, that’s a tough break. Death will not be fun, but we all will experience it some day. Excuse my ill humour. Unhealthy people make me sad, I don't want them to die.
Northshore_hero says2016-05-23T00:43:36.927
In a world where the internet and social media has played a central role in our communication, imagine if all of that was taken away. This happened in Egypt where citizens went from being connected to the world, to being completely cut off from it. Once a place where people were able to talk with one another had been taken away from the citizens of an entire country. It’s amazing to think of the success and power of the internet helped take down a corrupt government by providing a simple platform for people to communicate. No government should have the right to limit or control internet access.

In our world Today, most people have the right to read whatever they want, write whatever they want, all with very minimal government control. So why should the internet be any different? The internet should be a free place that allows people to freely express their ideas. Over 75% of the U.S. population agrees that we should be able to access everything on the internet(WorldPublicOpinion.Org). Media censorship is often thought of as only an issue in smaller, totalitarian government states. The internet is a major form of media and by limiting or controlling internet access, what would make us any different than those governments that control the media? No government should have the right to limit or control internet access.

However, many people have come to the conclusion that by controlling or regulating the internet, we could protect people from terrorist propaganda and being negatively influenced. It is understandable that we would want to protect those we care about, but at what point do we go too far? A simple solution to parents worried about what their kids seeing would be just to block sites deemed negative. This solution allows people to still freely put whatever they want on the internet while parents can choose what the kids will see. Another common counter argument is Terrorists being able to use the internet to spread propaganda. In reality, only the smallest fraction of information posted can even be deemed propaganda and this information can easily be spread through other sources of media. We should not censor or limit internet access as there are simple solutions for common counterarguments.

Internet censorship or even outright banning of internet has become a source of great debate and controversy in recent years. We cannot allow this censorship of the internet as we would be losing our rights to free speech and free media. The internet should be a free place and no government should have the the right to control it. Free ideas and free thought have allowed the world to advance in ways never thought possible. By controlling or censoring the internet, we could lose one of the most important tools in making the world a better place.

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