• Yes, the internet needs stronger regulations agianst identity theft.

    The internet needs stronger regulations to protect people from identity theft. Thousands of people every year have their personal information stolen from the internet. Some may argue that these should being doing some things online and it is their fault. But we should have the freedom to use the convient and fast technology of the internet to purchase items and to participate in services provided over the internet.

  • People need protection

    Identify theft is a very new and growing type of crime. It is one that most users of the Internet are not properly educated on or trained for protecting themselves against. So, there do need to be more robust rules across the online realm to protect everyone and to provide economic security

  • It happens often.

    Yes, the Internet needs stronger regulations against Identity Theft, because it seems to happen all the time. We all have friends who have had their facebook accounts hacked, who have then had posts fraudulently asking for money, saying that they are stranded in a foreign country. We would all do better with more regulations for our protection.

  • The Internet doe not need stronger regulations against identity theft.

    The Internet doe not need stronger regulations against identity theft. People just need to take better precaution when they are doing business transactions online and make sure that they are only buying from reputable companies. If we start to patrol the Internet then it would not be worth using anymore.

  • Stronger regulations probably wouldn't stop identity theft.

    I don't think it matters how much we try to regulate the Internet. We can pass legislation, make new laws, create new anti virus software and there will always be people who are smart enough and tech savvy enough to get through it all and get what they want. I don't think our identity will ever be 100% safe on the Internet.

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