Does the internet offer ways people can do good (yes) or does it pacify people's desires to do good (no)?

  • Yes, the internet offers way for doing good.

    The internet is a fantastic tool for contributing to causes far away. Websites such as Kickstarter or Indie Gogo allow others to give to excellent endeavors, receive a little joy from it themselves, and remain in the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, any charity or organization has an official emailing list and newsletter to get information out to supporters. Email is often as the palm of a persons hand, and it is much quicker, especially in regards to emergency needs, than traditional mail.

  • Internet Brings People Closer Together

    The Internet brings people closer together and allows for the quick dissemination of information. As such, this technology offers people many more chances for doing good because many times people aren't aware of what the community needs. If anything, the Internet spurs people to action when certain causes are reported upon through social media networks.

  • Go Fund Me.

    The internet offers ways that people can do, because it brings us together. With websites like Go Fund Me, there are ways that people can help total strangers accomplish charitable goals. We can give money online and we can reach out to other people who have emotional needs. The internet is a force for good.

  • Yes, the internet offers ways for people to do good.

    I think that the Internet helps people figure out ways to do good. I think that there are various ways that people can do some good when they are on the internet. It is usually up to the people to figure it out though. I think that it is something that people should strive for.

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