• Of course it does.

    I think the answer to this question is an obvious yes, because people are now able to come together and share ideas from all across the globe, and instantly. The consequence of this is that there are and will continue to be more synergistic accomplishments all across the board. Upside of internet.

  • Yes, it's easier to work together.

    It used to be not too long ago that if someone had an idea or an invention that he or she was working on that peson would pretty much have to work alone and not know if someone else had a parallel idea. Now it is easy to go online and find others who will collaborate with you.

  • Yes, the Internet promote synergistic accomplishments today.

    Yes, the Internet promote synergistic accomplishments today, at least in part. Although it is very easy to get distracted on the Internet, in my opinion, the amount of more work that can be accomplished via the Internet, and very services sourced on the Internet outweighs distractions for those who are employed.

  • We work together.

    Yes, the Internet promotes synergistic accomplishments today, because it allows us to work together and find people who want to work on the same projects. People are able to collaborate with internet like they never have before. We now know how to work together to accomplish things and celebrate our victories, even across international lines.

  • No, the Internet does not promot synergistic accomplishments.

    I do not think that the Internet promotes synergistic accomplishments. I think that while the Internet does a good job of showcasing a lot of examples of accomplishments, I do not think there really is a community where everybody is able to partake in some of the goals and objectives that are successful

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