Does the Internet promote (yes) or hurt (no) democracy?

  • The internet is a democratizing force.

    The internet is absolutely a benefit to democracy. This is because it makes vast amounts of information accessible to the average citizen. As a result, it is much easier for them to research and form their own opinions. It is also easier for them to air their opinions. In the past, only a few large newspapers, radio station, and televisions were capable of reaching large audiences, thus putting a lot of control in the hands of a few. The internet has changed that as now anyone is free to air their opinions and potentially reach many fellow citizens.

  • The number of polls online is proof of more democracy

    Everywhere you go on the Internet, someone is asking for your opinion. Opinions are actually votes. Voting denotes democracy. The market wants to know what the majority of people want. The Internet also allows personally fueled research. If you would like to know more about a candidate other than what was said in a speech or on a flyer, search engines will help you find it.

  • It is good

    I thing that the internet promotes democracy more than hurting it. I think that in the US today their is so much stuff being put on there that says we have all of the rights that we do, and all of the things agains gun control, that it pushes everyone to democracy.

  • It promotes democracy.

    Without the internet and people being able to share ideas and see other areas of the world where life is more free and happy, I don't think democracy would have spread so quickly. For example, it's because of the internet that Occupy Wall Street grew to a world-wide phenomenon of people wanting a better world.

  • We can share ideas.

    The internet promotes democracy, rather than hurt it, because with the internet, people are able to share information. People in the United States can tell people in Egypt and Iran that democracy is a positive thing. We can share ideas about what is good and bad. People can organize to initiate democracy in their own countries. The Internet brings people together.

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