Does the Japanese manufacturer Toyota produce better vehicles than the Detroit manufacturers and therefore deserve its ranking as number one car manufacturer?

Does the Japanese manufacturer Toyota produce better vehicles than the Detroit manufacturers and therefore deserve its ranking as number one car manufacturer?
  • They are more advanced than us, as is evident by many other products, besides automobiles.

    Japan makes or improves everything, long before the United States does. Not only do they make or improve the best products but, by the time the United States starts producing the product, the Japanese have already started making the next, better, faster, smarter and more desirable product.

    Posted by: RemarkableCole83
  • Toyota still produces better cars than the U.S. companies do, due to our union and option obstacles.

    After several decades of effort, the U.S. automakers have achieved very good quality, but they still trail Toyota. The U.S. companies handicap themselves with too many combinations of options on their vehicles, and with the still-evident friction between corporate management and union employees. There was a remarkable cooperative experiment between GM and Toyota, called New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), which showed that U.S. managers and union workers could achieve the quality and productivity of the best Japanese plants. Neither GM management, nor the unions, were enthusiastic about the project, but the workers became believers over time. GM management, on the other hand, not only pulled out of the NUMMI partnership, but failed to utilize the lessons learned by their own plant managers at NUMMI.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • Yes, because Toyota absolutely makes better cars than the Detroit automakers.

    Toyota's ability to make a more reliable and more affordable car is more than apparent. Their cars have a track record of high resale value. Their cars are also built to last with less body erosion and more affordable repairs than the high-end high-cost Detroit vehicles. I also believe that Toyota's ability to mass produce at a lower cost puts them ahead.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • Yes, because Consumer Reports indicate that Toyota produces a better quality vehicle than Detroit.

    Throughout the 1990s, Toyota rapidly proved itself as making one of the most fuel efficient and reliable lines of cars available to the U.S. auto market, while simultaneously, Detroit automakers continued to lag in every class, including safety. Vehicles like the Camry continue to be one of the best selling sedans in the USA.

    Posted by: CesarMatthews
  • Obviously, American manufacturers can make cars just as good Toyota when you look at the price and quality of each car.

    For one, considering the current problems Toyota is facing due to shoddy workmanship involving their brakes, it is difficult to imagine them currently being called the number one manufacturer. Also, Toyota's cars are almost always more expensive than American counterparts due to import costs and the perception they have propagated in buyer's minds that their cars are a status symbol.

    Posted by: P4IIIao
  • Toyota continues to consistently turn out high quality, dependable vehicles.

    As my 1989 Toyota Camry is still running, I feel confident in Toyota's abilities. My story isn't uncommon. People worldwide have pushed Toyota to 300,000 miles and beyond and the cars continue to hold up great. I wouldn't trust to drive my kids around in anything but a vehicle with as high of a crash test rating as Toyota's cars.

    Posted by: TamBlond
  • Toyota's reliability and pricing, as well as supplying efficient cars are the reasons for its success.

    The ubiquity of Toyota cars proves that they are able to stay on the road longer than many American manufacturers. The push by many American manufacturers for larger and less fuel-efficient cars goes against the current need for cars that have a smaller environmental impact. Toyota innovated with hybrid vehicles before American manufacturers did.

    Posted by: eclair910
  • Absolutely hold true!

    I've owned 2 Camry, within 5 years apart. Both maintained equally. The older being the Japanese made, the newer WAS the American made. I'm still driving the older Camry. It's got over 460K, besides a little oil engine leak, it's still going strong; its overall performance is as if it was still new. The newer Camry, I had to retire it at 275K due to too many issues - go figure!

  • Absolutely - here's a living proof!!!

    I've owned 2 Camry, within 5 years apart. Both maintained equally. The older being the Japanese made, the newer WAS the American made. I'm still driving the older Camry. It's got over 460K, besides a little oil engine leak, it's still going strong; its overall performance is as if it was still new. The newer Camry, I had to retire it at 275K due to too many issues - go figure!

  • Without a doubt better!

    Being a master automobile and master medium/heavy duty truck technician since 1993 I can tell you I have work on everything under the sun and I've never come across anything better than a Toyota or a Honda as far as quality and the fact that they stand behind their products way past the warranty date. For example I just got a second owner 2006 Toyota PreRunner Tacoma two brand new leaf springs at my local Toyota dealership at 130000 Miles because one of them broke zero cost to the owner

  • The media built Toyota's Reputation.

    It's 1985 and the opening seen from the newly released "Back to the Future" features Marty McFly lusting over a Toyota. And so foreign goods have always been portrayed as the "smart" "intelligent" and "hip" way to adorn your imported lifestyle for over a generation. Fast forward to 2011, the U.S. is awash in red ink and for every dollar our government spends we have to borrow 40 cents from China and Japan. "But but but.....Toyota's are made here now" come the cries from those already hopelessly clinging to their Toyota security blanket after Toyota's recall meltdown last year. Unfortunately, saying they're "made here" is incorrect. While they might be "assembled" here, assembly takes place in plants filled with Japanese made assembly equipment using parts source from both here and abroad. However, those parts that are sourced here are made by subsidiaries of Asian parts manufacturers, and in many cases those parts suppliers are owned by Toyota. As Bob Lutz said in a recent video, Asian brands are 70% foreign parts, 30% American. Further, classifying a vehicle solely on the source of parts or location of the assembly doesn't account for the design, engineering and validity testing that is necessary to bring a new vehicle to market. That's where the real value is in a new vehicle, yet most high level jobs remain in Japan. It's time that people realize that spending your dollars out of the country for foreign goods is destroying your children's and grand children's future. Finally, name one....ONE....innovation that has been brought to you with a Toyota badge on it. They stole their hybrid tech (from a U.S. company) while covering up vehicle defects for decades in order to preserve their "quality" image. Do a search for Toyota oil sludge and you'll see they've been hiding problems from at least the late 1990's. And to those that claim unions are an obstacle for domestic autos, please remember that every car or part that Toyota uses that was build in Japan was made by a Union worker! The era of Toyota invincibility is DEAD, just like the people they killed with their run away cars. And don't give me "well NASA looked at it" bull. Toyota recalled over 10 million vehicles last year because they were DEFECTIVE and KILLED PEOPLE! Toyota will never...NEVER...reclaim the vaulted quality spot they once held, because it was never built on reality in the first place. So long Toyota, you won't survive in your current form, especially when the U.S. withdraws the free protection we give the Japanese home islands and the Japanese government won't be giving you free handouts for auto research. American's have much better choices when it comes to new autos, Toyota - you won't be missed!

  • Once upon a time, Toyota was a name known for quality and dependability, but those days are now gone.

    Once upon a time, Toyota was a name synonymous with quality, dependability, and general excellence. It was the success story that put the American automotive manufacturing community to shame. While Detroit was unable to shift away from gas guzzlers and lemons that would die within the first couple of years, a Toyota Camry, a Lexus, or a Scion, was a car that you could trust. You knew you were getting the best value for your dollar when you bought this brand. However, I do not believe that this is the case anymore. I believe that Ford's new crop of passenger vehicles are according themselves nicely, in terms of fuel efficiency, safety, and reliability. Whereas, Toyota has been plagued for almost two solid years now with widespread recalls and dangerous safety problems, which the company had at first appeared to be trying to cover up, before having to deal with them. I say this as an owner of a Camry, I will probably look at a Subaru or a Ford before I look at a Toyota, when it comes time to replace my car.

    Posted by: MagicalRodrigo30
  • Toyota's claim to the ranking of number one manufacturer is just that--the company that MANUFACTURES the most cars, not the company that manufactures the best cars.

    Toyota manufactures the most cars of any auto manufacturer in the world. Toyota also, presumably, sells more cars than any other auto manufacturer in the world.

    This is not the same as being the auto manufacturer that manufactures and sells the BEST cars in the world.

    Toyota has done a superb job over the past decade at pulling itself up to become a leading competitor in the "car business." Its marketing strategy worked well. It has focused more attention on environmentally friendly vehicles than any American auto manufacturer had the foresight to do. It has worked hard and smart to develop good customer relations.

    This does not mean their cars are BETTER than American cars.

    Since cars are here to stay auto manufacturers must look ahead to the long haul.

    American car makers have not done this. They have been like politicians, trying to get out in front of "what people want."

    That is no longer the way to think. It's time to look at gas prices and over-crowded parking lots, and begin to make cars that are what people SHOULD be driving--and then do what Toyota has done--convince them that those are the cars they really WANT to drive.

    Posted by: CI3Iike
  • To say that a company overseas provides better quality automobiles is a matter of opinion, thus it is neither correct nor incorrect.

    First off, if I did indeed agree with the idea that the Japanese manufacturer Toyota produces better cars than US manufacturers, I would still have the same stance. It is a matter of opinion; it can be argued either way. HOWEVER, as Americans in a poor economy it is clearly necessary to continue to thrive and produce reliable products. So yes, I believe that Detroit manufacturers produce better vehicles because it is important to believe in yourself, and I am an American.

    Posted by: danielleduce
  • No, I do not believe Toyota produces better vehicles then Detroit manufacturers because Toyota cars are not strong enough or sturdy enough to last a very long time.

    It may be because I am from Michigan originally, and so I am completely oppose to this statement. However, I think that Asian built cards are not as strong and sturdy as the ones within the US. Not only that, the models and specifications do not even come close to meeting those of US standards.

    Posted by: LorenaH
  • Toyota in 2015-16 is humbug manufacturer

    I have camry i took it to toyota service centre 5 times , the plastic part is pathetic, steel is not good and safety is compromised, i have vw passat, ir is much more high quality and royal feel than toyota.

    Will never buy toyota , always trust for or vw or chevy for that matter japanese cars are unsafe

  • Trading purely on reputation not reliability.

    Having owned both I can honestly say that the 2012 Ford Ranger is just as well built, had better reliability, was better off road and heaps better on road than the 2013 Hilux that I had as a company ute. Hence trading on a reputation of the 1980's 2.8 diesel Hilux not on its abilities. My wife also owns a 2014 Range Rover which goes places a Landcruiser can only dream of. Its also better equipped, more powerful and has never had anything go wrong. It's your call....Follow the herd or have a look.

  • It's okay but falling

    Toyotas are nearly invincible as top gears killing a toyota video proved. However it's not the best company not even close. At least not anymore. I've had a 1997 toyota supra and a 2014 corolla and both were great. But they both weren't the hottest vehicles on the road and got made fun of for driving them. Don't get me wrong their reliability is great but toyota is old

  • Warranty work higher for Toyota

    When studying the numbers for warranty work, Honda and Ford have better records in the last couple of years. Looking at warranty work on the basis of revenue or on the basis of units sold, Toyota only ranks 4th against the worlds big 8 manufacturers. Another factor is Subaru, owned by Toyota does not even report their numbers.

  • They are overrated.

    I am sick and tired of seeing people that own toyotas who really know nothing about cars talk on and on about the almost mythical reliability level that they believe these cars have and make it seem like every other manufacturer is crap when they had an issue on an American car that they owned 20 years ago. Point being if you don't look at anything about any cars past when reading reviews nnowadays, Toyotas are really nothing special and have horrible interiors with cheap plastic materials, ugly design and uncomfortable seats and ride quality.

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