Does the Jon Stewart Show have biased political view points?

  • Pundits plain and simple

    Umm... Facts: Daily show never books conservative pundits... That's a fact, that's a bias decision... The daily show is no better than MSNBC and FOX News, the idiots with the same controlled "opposition" guest and lineup... They have been caught being fake and it's sad how we believed them to be legitimate...

  • Dogmatic Progressive Idealist

    His ego doesn't let him see that his liberal progressive perspective have a lot to do with his superiority complex. I don't think anyone can argue he's an intellectual elitist and when he's confronted with his own hypocrisy one of his favorite things to do is play the "ethics" card and call out his opponents for moral bankruptcy, as if he's automatically on the "good" side.
    While Stewart is unquestionably smart-as-a-whip and a brilliant, ruthless debater, it's not hard to pick up on his habits. When he senses the tide turning against him, he reframes the argument to fit his point, very similar to what Bill O'Reilly does. It's so often about him being right than about having a meaningful, productive discourse on the issue, and that is precisely what he criticizes FOX News for all the time. I think it's intellectually irresponsible to watch The Daily Show after college- you should be mature enough to think critically for yourself and see that The Daily Show is just as bad as any other "news" program.

  • Yes he does

    Like most shows, the Jon Stewart Show has biased political view points. Just like MSNBC, Fox News, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, all these show, satire or not, have biased opinions. They each have their own opinion and agenda. There is nothing wrong with being politically biased on your own tv show.

  • Right wing hatred is good!

    The Daily Show lost it's ability to be classified as a "comedy" show a long long time ago. It is more hatred against anyone not subscribing to the progressive agenda and yes, working Democrats, that means you too! The Daily garbage is even touted by the mainstream as "news" and if that's not laughable enough, the party of "inclusion" will only include those with closed minded "progressive" bias. The era of ideas and debate left the building a long time ago. Take heed America as the decline of western civilization continues!

  • Overly liberal argiment

    It is always bashing conservatives and not ever talking bad about liberals. All fake, not funny, doesn't even give a chance for anyone to dispute it's biased points. For some reason it assumes that everyone loves Obama and all of his policies. Makes me very very very very very angry

  • Their "war on BS" is BS

    Of course it is meant for entertainment but it's still a news-based show and it's hardly just comedy when they tell a guy he's funny but can't be on the show because he's conservative. If it's all about comedy shouldn't a pundit being funny be enough? If it's all about comedy shouldn't they use the same slice-and-dide tactics on both political sides to maximize humor potential? The show is driven by a political agenda. For all his ragging on Fox News John Stewart was himself part of the media bias problem

  • Yes, but it doesn't matter.

    Stewart loves to use this argument, but I believe he's right: Stewart is primarily a comdian, while the people he satires (newsmedia, gov.) are supposed to be legitimate. Of course he's biased, as all pundits are, but it doesn't matter as much as it would if we were discussing someone like Wolf Blitzer or Scott Pelley.

  • Both Trevor Noah and he are salty towards good people (not trump tho lol)

    Trevor Noah is always attacking republican and conservative people, no matter their race or back ground. Liberals will always attack conservatives, ruining our country bit by bit. Ted Cruz is a good man, and a strong conservative. Trevor Noah presented the very worst of him on one of his recent shows, making Cruz look bad. He has never done this to any liberals.

  • Misguided liberal fake journalist

    He has always argued that journalism is about having a point of view, and will freely admit to having a political agenda. Like so many flawed influential figures, the criticisms made by him to others can easily be applied to him on the same philosophical grounds. He certainly has not helped improve the political discourse in the country, arguing for virtually everything liberals argue for without giving proper credence to arguments of the other side. For example, he argues against racism without ever letting it be said that minorities also play some part in the stereotypes made about them, or how these minorities are also quite racist (I am black, btw) and is quick to ridicule what are essentially straw-man arguments. It is unfortunate that as every other 'journalist', he fights for what he believes without presenting the best possible arguments of the other side, and in so doing, for a man as smart as Jon seemed to be, he has not helped the political discourse much. In fact, his ridicule of others and his enormous influence have more than likely helped divide the nation's opinion on so many important issues. I wish him the best of luck, but I hope like so many pathetic pundits on TV now, he fades away from the spotlight quickly.

  • Sure, but it's comedy....Without bias would it be funny?

    Sure, comedy often relies on biased perspectives. Would anything in his show be funny without him expressing an opinion on issues? I think if the show were to lose it's subjective stance, the show would cease to exist. Comedy is comedy: that's the Daily Show. News reporting, on the other hand, is supposed to be unbiased, except for opinion pieces, etc., but that's not what this poll is about.

  • Liberal yes, but not biased.

    First, it's The Daily Show, not The Jon Stewart Show. Second, the show definitely gives liberal viewpoints, but it's generally not biased, as bias implies being unfair or prejudiced. I think "bias" gets overused these days. Being biased is more than just having a viewpoint that is liberal or conservative.

  • His points are his points.

    Jon Stewart tends to be quite the controversial political figure every now and again; but this Country exercises the right to freedom of speech. Jon Stewart has all the right in the world to go on his show and share politcal points of views as unpopular as they may be.

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