• The best minds invent.

    The law does more to support inventors over investors, because investors are highly taxed. The capitol gains tax is never end. But a person who owns a business can set up an S corporation and use pass through taxation in order to avoid having to pay taxes. An inventor with a good idea can get rich.

  • Investors are key

    The law does more to support investors because they are very critical to the business community. There would be no investors if there were not certain laws that protected them against fraud and other things. Investors do take risks. Inventors are also very important to society and there needs to be laws that protect them.

  • The law does more to support investors

    The law actually does more to support investors.The law makes it very difficult to get a patent or to protect a person creative and intellectual property.On the other hand there are all kinds of laws in place to protect investors from losing assets when a deal goes in a bad direction.

  • No, investors benefit the most

    No, the law does more to support investors than it does to support inventors. Usually inventors do not have a huge amount of funds, so they must seek out investment and make a reasonable pitch. This generally forces them to give up a disproportionate amount of equity to investors who can supply financial backing. The investors manage to profit the most by pushing the product after it has come out of the prototype stage.

  • More for investors.

    If the law did more to protect inventors, you would not be seeing all these stolen inventions and people who don't deserve credit getting credit. Investors, on the other hand, are making money hand over fist because of loopholes and ridiculous government regulations--or lack thereof. It's pretty backward when you think about it.

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