• Platium 2 Player opinion here

    The current meta does matter.
    But it also doesn't as of feral flare the meta has become playing yi, noc, vi, and other auto attack junglers and power jungling and not ganking but this meta sucks and I love to see junglers who get spirit stone items and gank or those who stack when lanes are frozen or winning but gank losing ones.
    So the meta is important most of the time but not all the time the patch notes tell you what they designed it for if you just abuse its early game strength that goes into late game they'll nerf it so that it is harder to stack or the effect is reduced.

  • Pros prove it does

    The current meta is the most gold efficient way to play the game. And some champions are better at some roles and lanes. For example one team doesn't have a jungler and instead a duo top. They will push their lane but if the other top laner is smart enough he won't get killed. The total gold of the team will be equal to the minions of the three lanes. In the other team the gold will be the minions of the 3 lanes + the minions of both jungles. Therefore- much more gold. Not to mention how helpful a jungler can be. And this meta has everything a team needs. If 2 bruisers go bot the team will lack the DPS of a ranged carry and the utility of a support so the other team will have a slight advantage.

  • Any character can be good.

    Take the time to make builds with characters not used often and then attempt to try and experiment with other off meta characters. You will find they are useful and can take the enemy team off guard at times. Trust me and you will see it does not matter if its meta or not.

  • I don't think that this game matters.

    I like to play games.
    I play all kinds of games all the time.
    I am not a professional gamer, but I know a little about games. This is why I think the League of Legends
    meta game doesn’t matter. I’ve never
    heard of it in my entire life! Surely if
    it were good, more people would be talking about it.

  • It really doesn't matter

    Well, I've been playing lol for a little bit and my friends always tell me, oooh Teemo must go mid or man why are you top with master yi and things like that. I have played no meta and done perfectly fine without it. If I'm below level 30 does the meta game really matter?

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