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  • Absolutely not needed, no way

    They would be forced to have a different story. No one can make a movie about dumb block sets (the cliffhanger) and solve the problem. It was meant to be funny, not serious. A sequel with a different story is totally not needed. And a movie like this is insanely hard to create. Hey, it's my favorite movie, narrowly beating down Aladdin!

  • Some movies deserve a sequel, some movies deserve to not have a sequel Spoilers ahead

    When I watched the Lego Movie, I was taken into this amazing Lego world, but towards the end when it is revealed that it was actually just someone's Lego set, I was transported to a different world. The Lego Movie is great, but now that I know that it was all just in the imagination, it just will feel wrong to enter into the magical Lego world again.

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