• Cuz Murica dadgummit!

    The U.S. of A is te greatest country in all of Jesus's creation, makin Obama chosen by God! Mking it have to be true that Nessie exists! My proof? One nite the giant fish herself dun snucked into my room and ate my goldfish Bertha, now if that aint proof, I dont no wut is!

  • The lock ness monster is not real!

    If the loch ness monster was real then we would have found proof by now! Also all the pictures that ive seen are all animated. And stupid! Sot hats basicly what I think about the loch monster. IT DOESNT EXCIST! So ye! And look above for more statements. Bye for now!

  • Of course he's real.

    Of course, Nessie is real just because people say she doesn't exist doesn't mean she doesn't exist. The pictures might not be able to prove it does not mean anything. Snakes and other animals were able to get five times as large as the ones today. Legends are real we may not be able to prove it now, later in life maybe not in our time but eventually we will find out that Nessie exist. There are pictures out there that are not photo shopped and some that are, but as humans we should be able to tell which is which. You may not believe in the Loch Ness monster but I do. So ask yourself if it is or isn't then write your argument here.

  • Nessie Does Exist

    There are unknown creatures living in Loch Ness. There is no such thing as "monsters," therefore the Loch Ness MONSTER doesn't exist. The pictures from the sightings of Nessie prove nothing, but there are still the unknown creatures out there, and Nessie could be one of them. Loch Ness exists.

  • Yes, there are unknown animals living in Loch Ness.

    No, the Loch Ness "Monster" does not exist, since there is no such thing as monsters. However, unknown animals probably do exist in Loch Ness, and there are probably several different explanations for the sightings. The majority of sightings are probably misidentifications (waves and known animals). However, there are some sightings which do genuinely appear to show unknown animals. While the identity of these animals is presently unknown, the bulk of recent evidence appears to suggest that a plesiosaur identity is possible, if not plausible.

  • She does exist

    She exists because there are still many creatures living out where we don't know about. Also even though there are still places we haven't explored yet, people can't say that it does or doesn't exist. But I am going to say yes anyway. I hope that she does exist somewhere.

  • Prehistoric survivor out there

    A pleisiosaur (or at least relative of one) that somehow made it through the ice age by evolving to have warm blood and an ability to need air less often and a neck it cannot stick completely out of the water. It feeds on fish, water plants, waterfowl, and aquatic mammals, and sometimes goes out to see in search of food.

  • Nessie is real

    We have a picture of Nessie clearly seen. We have charts that show Nessie is real, and we have victims of him. I'm Zack and Nessie is soooooo real!!! There are so many pics / videos of Nessie. It's just common sense. What other animal is that big and looks like Nessie.

  • Yay yay yay

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  • I think Nessie is true

    If it wasn`t, how are we chasing this story today, and there is evidence that there is something in the lake. And other myths came true, so this legend will surely surface from the underwater region. Legends can be true because others surfaced and there is evidence so it is true.

  • No so not real 👎😡

    Hell to the no not real I don't want to say yes because he's not real think dinosaurs are extremely not real they just make it cool but it's not real everyone now knows that dumb it's not real like it's so not real so it's a fairy tall stop believing!!😡👎

  • Nessie doesn't exist

    If a large beeing such as the loch ness monster existed, we would have see it until now. The legend of the loch ness monster exists for hundrets of years, and we believe it until today. But, if it was alive centuries ago, it would have died. Yes or no?

  • Nessie doesn't exist!

    We would have see the loch ness monster if it existed, because it would be a large beeing. People for hundrets of years say that the monster exists, and we believe that until now, but if something was alive hundrets of years before, it would have died until now! Yes?

  • He does not exist

    If he existed he would have been caught on camera. Something else is that it always gets caught on picture have you ever seen a video about Nessie being real? I don't think so. Also we have been looking for ever so you think we would have found something nope because there is no Nessie. This is my opinion. If you do not agree post a argument I will see it.

  • It's not possible that's just stupid

    If they are able to create an iPhone 7 and and Samsung Galaxy 7 then thy have the capability to make all kinds of technology to find the Loch Ness monster known as nessy. I don't know why they think k they can fool us but they must be really crazy

  • Nessie DOES NOT exist!

    Not One Convincing Sighting
    There have been several monster sightings around Loch Ness. For example, in 1852 villagers charged with pitchforks to battle a “sea serpent,” however it turned out to be a horse taking a bath. In 1933, George Spicer said he saw the monster carrying a lamb in its mouth. But with no proof, the report is considered highly unreliable. Even more, besides hoaxes, no one has ever produced a real photograph of Nessie.
    No Bones of Ancestors
    Cryptozoologists have a theory that Nessie is actually a surviving plesiosaur — a marine reptile that swam in the water and is believed to have gone extinct 65 million years ago. However, no plesiosaur bones have been found in Loch Ness. Dredging and sonar scans have both failed to locate any Nessie fossils.
    Loch Ness Would Not Be Big Enough to Sustain Nessie
    For Nessie to have survived for this long, there would have to be at least dozens, if not hundreds of them, to maintain a healthy breeding population. Although the Loch Ness monster is not overly large (size ranging from a small car to a school bus), with so many living in the lake, you would expect them to be seen way more often. Let’s be serious, they can’t all be hiding all at once, can they?
    Also, the lake also does not hold enough fish to sustain a population of Nessies — they would starve.
    Loch Ness is Too Cold
    Nessie has most often been described as a reptile, however earlier reports describe her as seal-like. Nevertheless, Loch Ness is not a suitable habitat for a reptile — the water is just too cold. Now if Nessie were warm-blooded, like a seal, she would be a creature completely different from anything in the fossil record. Not impossible, but highly unlikely.
    Loch Ness Used to Be Ice-Covered
    Loch Ness was covered in a ice a mile-thick until very recently, meaning Nessie would have had to arrive just 20,000 years ago. She could have originally lived in the Atlantic Ocean and migrated to the Loch, however she would have had to swim through extremely cold and a somewhat shallow river to even make it to Loch Ness.

    No Lung Evidence
    The researchers looked at the habits of modern marine reptiles, such as crocodiles and leatherback turtles, to try to work out how a plesiosaur might have behaved.

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  • Stop being idiots

    If a dinosaur survived til now it wouldve evolved and we wouldve found definite evidence that it exists with all this new technology and we didnt.That means theres no chance in hell that it exists so stop living in your imagination like idiots and wake up because theres nosuch thing

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