Does the Lone Star College shooting prove that handguns on campus is a bad idea?

  • Yes, handguns on campus is a bad idea.

    Allowing handguns on campus is a terrible idea. People need to remember that college students are notoriously some of the most terrible abusers of alcohol and drugs. It is a foolish idea to think that you can mix drugs, alcohol, and guns. Guns should be banned from all college campuses.

  • Yes, no need for guns on campus.

    A college campus is supposed to be a place where ideas can be explored, people can be met, and learning can take place in a peaceful atmosphere. There is no need for any type of gun to be there, including handguns, so that should be a complete taboo for students or teachers.

  • Yes

    Personally I don't understand why a gun would be needed on campus. As well as a safety hazard it can also be a distraction to other students and could possibly result in problematic relationships with teachers and parents possibly suing the school in a rage. If no one brought guns to school then there would be much less of a chance of a school shooting. The only people that should have guns are the campus police.

  • Yes, Guns Have No Place on Campus

    Time and time again, we are shown how dangerous handguns on campuses are. Every time a school shooting occurs we are reminded that these are dangerous weapons and that they should not be allowed in environments where people are meant to feel safe. A school campus has no need for guns, and they only serve to make schools a more dangerous place for the people who go there.

  • Yes, it does.

    I can't believe anyone thought it was a good idea in the first place. However, I would think this latest shooting would bring home, very clearly that it's not. Two people had an argument, an because guns were involved four people were taken to the hospital. More guns in our society is not the answer.

  • It does not.

    The Lone Star College shooting does not prove that handguns on campus is a bad idea. Anyone could walk onto a college campus and start shooting people. This is another isolated incident, and people should not have their civil ligerties and rights taken away because somone went on a shooting spree.

  • No, the Lone Star College shooting does not prove that handguns on campus is a bad idea.

    No, the Lone Star College shooting does not prove that handguns on campus is a bad idea, the only things it proves is that there will always be mentally ill people that want to hurt others. The best way to combat that is to have as many law abiding citizens armed with guns so that they can deter the next person who wants to shoot up a college campus.

  • Isolated Incident, Concealed Weapon

    Trey Foster was arrested for aggravated assault after he got into an argument with another student on campus. He allegedly got his gun out of a backpack. I'm not sure about concealed weapons laws in Texas, but I'm pretty sure someone is supposed to have the weapon on their person and not in a backpack in order for the conceal/carry law to be in effect. Plus, Foster would have to have a conceal/carry permit in the first place. This incident didn't prove handguns on campuses is a bad idea. This incident proved the suspected shooter was possibly using a firearm illegally.

  • NO

    If anything, it might go to prove that handguns on campus is a good idea.

    How many people did we lose to the shooting at Virginia Tech? How many people did we lose to Columbine or this newest shooting in Connecticut?

    We lost over a dozen at all of them.

    Now how many people did we lose in this latest attack?

    Not a single solitary person was killed from what I know. They were injured but not killed.

    Now, if all these handguns were on campus and that shooting had been the type of thing where the gun man was shooting up the school instead of shooting at a particular target, he would have been gunned down before he got passed the first few people.

  • No, it does not.

    First and foremost, it is essential to acknowledge the fact that if someone wants to procure a firearm of any kind, they will; whether they are permitted to purchase one or whether they steal it from a family member or a friend. Now, following Tuesday’s events, is it now a bad idea to allow handguns on campuses? Not entirely. If no one is permitted the right to “bear arms” on university grounds, whether campus police, students, faculty, or any other staff, then what will happen next time? What will happen if, perhaps, an estranged gunman decides to enter another college and engage passers-by or entire classrooms? Would a gun not be handy for defense? In the right hands, absolutely. So, should handguns on campuses be done away with entirely? Absolutely not. We have all heard, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Agree or disagree, it is irrefutable that therein some logic lies. Try to put yourself in a victim’s shoes. You are staring down the business end of a semi automatic, on a campus that just did away with handguns altogether. Do you think someone is going to sneak up on that gunman and disarm them with a pencil? Not likely. Doing away with firearms on campuses is only going to show an Achilles heal that those who enjoy the act of civilian engagement will jump at.

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