Does the Lone Star stabbing show that Americans are addicted to violence?

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  • Americans are not addicted to violence.

    The actions of one crazed lunatic should not determine the character of an entire society. If anything it shows that America is unable to effectively diagnose mental disorders and diseases. Americans are not as a whole in any way addicted to violence; maybe desensitized, but not addicted. The most effective way to prevent random, heartless acts of violence would be to refine and reshape the mental disorder diagnosis process.

  • We already knew

    The Lone Star stabbings didn't prove anything that scum like Pratt and LaPierre didn't already as they stood in front of cameras and deadpan explained to the public that dead children were a worthwhile price in order to be able to shoot at tin cans in your backyard. This country is sick and it's because of monstrous, horrible wastes of like such as them that it's in trouble, not because of somebody with issues that snapped on a campus.

  • The stabbing at Lone Star Community College are not evidence of an American addiction to violence.

    The stabbings at Lone Star Community College was the work of loner with mental issues. It has no reflection on the desires or "addictions" of American society. The facts that have been made public, so far, about the alleged attacker at Lone Star show that he had a history of unstable mental acts on campus.

  • No, it doesn't.

    No, I do not agree with the notion that the Lone Star stabbing shows that Americans are addicted to violence. What I think it shows is that the United States needs to take a more aggressive approach to handling mental health issues. We need to get a better handle on the population's mental state.

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