• Free of tax

    Bitcoins ability to remain untraceable as a currency is what makes it useful not only for tax purposes but it gives the ability to separate itself as monitary value between different governments. There are only so many bitcoins available and over time it become more difficult to mine them so risk of inflation is less because its rate of growth tho exponential is very stable rate. We one day will use bitcoin or another crypto currency like to as a world currency and prosperity will fallow.

  • No, Bitcoin is a valuable exploration into alternative currency.

    The loss of anonymity would not affect my decision to use the virtual currency. Bitcoin represents a forward thinking approach to corruption in international banking institutions, putting more power into the hands of the individual user and investor. Bitcoin should be embraced regardless of minor losses in anonymity, given that early adopters of any technology often must take with the product wrinkles which have yet to be ironed out. Due to the relatively new technology, perhaps newcomers to the currency would be better advised to gradually enter into the Bitcoin market, but doing so will give them the opportunity to broaden their portfolio and give a signal to the global markets that alternative currencies are in demand. The choice, then, emerges more from a sense of moral or ideological orientation, and creates the environment for other decentralized currencies to emerge.

  • Not for me

    No, the loss of anonymity will not make me less likely to adopt Bitcoin. I think that the Bitcoin program is great for transferring funds without going through any type of bank, and I think that I would still be very likely to adopt it, since it is working so well.

  • No, I do not believe so.

    Bitcoin is vastly popular today meeting many peoples needs on the internet and offline. The loss of anonymity does not affect Bitcoin very much, it just slows down it being used by more people. People will see that Bitcoin can be trusted more and used more than the traditional paper money we use today.

  • No, of course not.

    If anything bitcoin is the most anonymous way to send and trade money among people. It is done from peer to peer and without any middle man at all. Now that I sit here and think about it, I can't think of a more anonymous way to do business than with bitcoin

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