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  • No, people enjoy gambling.

    Gambling should not be banned by the federal government because it is a form of entertainment that people enjoy, with very few drawbacks. People actually take vacations in locations where they can gamble. It's an adult form of entertainment, and I think most people are able to keep their gambling to a responsible level. Some people do get addicted to gambling, but nevertheless it should be considered a matter of choice as alcohol use is.

  • No, the lottery industry should not be banned or regulated federally.

    No, the lottery industry, which is often overseen by individual states, should not be regulated by the federal government. Many states use lottery money to supplement their budgets for valuable services, such as education and youth programs. There is no threat posed by state lotteries, and there is no need for any federal-level involvement.

  • People want it

    People want the lottery system and it should not be taken away by the federal government. The Government would be the last to want to ban the lottery at this point since so much of the funds are taken in taxes every year, and the loss of revenue would increase burdens on the country.

  • No it helps

    I don't think the lottery needs to be banned by the federal government. No one is being forced to play the lottery. It is a choice that people can make. The money raised from the lottery also does a lot of good for the government whether local or federal. There is no reason for the government to want to ban the lottery.

  • No, the lottery industry shouldn't be banned.

    I do not think that the federal government should ban the lottery industry. While the lottery industry can cause a lot of problems for people with gambling problems, it is also played responsibily by a lot of people. I think that people should have the right to play the lottery.

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