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  • Thin MacBok Air

    The MacBook Air is already lightweight and thin enough. It is very easy to take along for those busy travelers. It is available online for 70% off the regular price and free shipping at The MacBook Air is excellent for conducting business. Many people love it for recreational purposes.

  • No, the MacBook Air is already thin enough.

    About a decade ago, it would have been difficult to imagine the incredible explosion of new computing technology that has allowed manufacturers to pack tremendous processing power into small packages such as smart phones, tablets, and increasingly smaller laptops. At this point, though, it's hard to imagine what could be the purpose of making the MacBook Air even more thin. For a computer that packs incredible processing power, it's already extremely thin.

  • When Is Thin Too Thin?

    It sounds like a dieting or body issue argument, but eventually the Air would be too thin to even be practical. Durability of products are still very important, given the amount of use and abuse that they take from users. Until the day comes when everything is just a projection or a hologram, there still needs to be some substance to our technology.

  • How thin do people need?

    Electronic items are getting too thin. It seems that the thinner they get, the easier it is for them to break and the more fragile they are. It beats the bulky electronics of the past, but there is such a thing as thin enough, there is no need to keep thinning out.

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