Does the media bash the Tea Party too much?

Asked by: Dunlj
  • Classic Straw Man

    The Tea Party is portrayed as being as being some type of extreme right wing political party far too often by the media. I have read Contract For America(http://abcnews.Go.Com/Politics/tea-party-activists-unveil-contract-america/story?Id=10376437) considered to be the starting document of the "Tea Party", the focus of it is mainly on reducing government spending, enforcing greater usage of the Constitution before passing laws and scrutinizing government agencies for constitutional compliance. There is also some parts that are focused on an energy policy which is more heavily oriented towards energy production than pollution prevention, for the sake of reduced energy production cost. The Tea Party is mainly just people who are fed up with a government which grows continuously, yet seems to be becoming less and less effective every year. They scare Republicans as well as Democrats, because they want representatives who will represent them, not people who are just interested in furthering their political careers.

    Do some adherents seem a little bit kooky? Of course, but this is true of every movement. But look at what the Tea Party is bashed for, ruining the government, preventing progress, etc.. They are not that powerful, and it is laughable to think that removing the Tea Party would magically get Congress back on track. The Tea Party is essentially anti-status quo, not a far right-wing faction. The media focuses on belittling elements that don't accurately reflect the Tea Party, or it picks on the easiest targets, both are classic straw man logical fallacies.

  • Depends on which Tea Party we're talking about.

    Yes, the media focuses way too much on the Koch brothers iteration of the Tea Party almost as if to use them as fodder to push the immoral agenda of the left and this president by pointing to how "extreme" the TP and its members are.

    The original Tea Party was founded by Ron Paul - a guy who openly despises corporatocracy, war and everything the Koch brothers and Republican and Democratic Party stand for. We are made up of anti-war, pro liberty, pro marriage equality small government libertarians and classic liberals who simply want a small but representative government that represents the people, not corporations.

    Are we proud defenders of the second amendment? You bet. We're also the first ones to oppose wars of choice like Iraq, Afghanistan and Mr Obama's recent illegal activities in Egypt, Libya and now Syria. We also support and defend the first amendment, and oppose detaining and investigating whistleblowers and true journalists exposing government corruption.

    So yes, the media spends way too much time pursuing a group that they know damn well are as phony as they come and makes it out as if they're the real thing. In any true democratic society however, opposition is something to be cherished, not attacked. Whereas we are not just a democracy, but a constitutional republic, we must safeguard opposition groups to prevent mob rule or rule by popular opinion - our rights are not subject to a vote or opinion poll as they are enshrined and protected by the Constitution of the United States.

    The real Tea Party and Patriot Movement is out there fighting to maintain these values.

  • Indeed they do

    It's interesting that the tea party takes so much bashing. They're active in politics and take pride in their constitutional rights. They're counter-majoritarian, which is a,ways a good thing, because it gives you something to check the majoritarian statements. I'd argue they're necessary to the democratic process so be have extremes on both sides and moderates spread throughout the middle. Whether you agree with them or not, you can't deny their value.

  • Criticism is not "bashing".

    The ability to freely criticize a group for their actions, particularly a political party, is absolutely essential to freedom of speech. It is interesting that the Tea Party claims to champion Constitutional rights, often proudly claiming that bigotry and sexism is protected under free speech, seems to misunderstand the actual protections afforded- free speech does not protect you from the consequences of your speech nor does it prevent others from criticizing you. They seem to want it both ways- freedom to say whatever they want, but muzzling anyone who speaks against them.

    The Tea Party has proven themselves to be belligerent, out of touch, and often sexist or bigoted. The media has the same right as anyone else to criticize these things.

  • Hell No Way

    The Tea Party ask for it. Really I have seen these guys on tv telling people don't worry about the politics we will take care of that's what we voted in for.
    Their stance is so right that it is hard to find anything correct about it. It seems they are so convinced themselves that they are right when they are promoting their propaganda they are at a loss when confronted with the unsupportive listener. Like caught in the spot light, bug eyed shocked that they are not believed or endorsed.
    They shut down the world economy for protest against healthcare when the most of the world actually supports it! Freaks! Right wing, bible bashing, gun toting, sexist freaks.
    Internationally, as soon as people hear that accent and hear the core principals they thank god they do not live in America. We have our red necks too don't you worry but we do our best to keep them to small regional tv space and on at very, very late at night, if they gig at all.
    Although President Clinton has a similar accent and the whole world sits to listen him.

  • Not Nearly Enough!!!

    The more you really know about the Tea Party, the more disheartened you become. At least, that was my experience. I have a few family members who also feel the same. Perhaps, it depends upon the area you live in? I don't know. I'm basing my remarks on the experience of a half dozen people who live across 4 states in the South & Midwest.

    Being in the TP appears to consume members. The longer they are involved with the group, the worse they become. We actually used to attend a church that, unfortunately, elected 5 TP to its Church Council. Within weeks, the Tea Party extremism took over. They fired two good employees, because they were not "members of the church". Yet, neither had a job description that called for it. Then, these individuals turned their attention on the congregation. If they thought a person was a "Dem" or "Liberal", they basically looked for ways to get rid of them. They took people off committees (without reason), ignored their input, took volunteer positions from them, etc. As a result, the members would be so upset ... Angry ... Heartbroken ... They'd leave the church. These antics cut the size of the church by half. It divided the Elder Board (aka Deacons) in half. It was a horrendous mess. Many people, who were traditional Conservatives or Independents, also left the congregation. There's a time & place for politics, but it's NOT in church!

    I don't consider any group who resorts to strong-arm tactics on members of their own party as rational. They're thugs. It's also been my observation that while the Tea Party preaches fiscal responsibility, many TP candidates recklessly spend $$$. Congressman Trey Gowdy,of SC, spent $30K on mailings last year. Mailings! The average expense was $12k-$16K. Some didn't even spend that. Another example is Governor Nikki Haley. An updated security software, for the State Dept. Revenue, would've cost $25K. But the governor (who spent $250K on a 10-day trip to a European Air Show) wouldn't spend the money. As a result, thousands of residents were hacked
    via the State Dept. Of Revenue last Fall. It has been a financial expense, for SC taxpayers, of millions! This doesn't include personal burden, aggravation, etc., if you were among those who had your identity stolen! Last, but not least, if you truly love your country ... You DON'T attempt to default it! If you read the definition of anarchists, you will clearly see the similarities with the Tea Party!

    The media DOESN'T begin to cover all of their antics. It is by personal experience that people see enough, hear enough, to draw their own conclusions. That's how and why the Tea Party has lost much of its appeal. The public has seen them for what they are!

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