• Favour of politicians by media houses

    I think yes. For instance, the how fox news tends to support Donald Trump, regardless of all the ridiculous things he's been imposing and how a bunch of the other media houses are supporting Hillary despite her scandals. It only point's out that certain media is biased towards certain elements through a lot of backing factors.

  • To put it lightly

    Large corporations run the U.S. media, TV, radio and newspapers. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions vast empires control what we hear and read. As large corporations worth billions of dollars, driven mostly by advertising income from other large corporations, it is not at all a far stretch to assume their power to persuade toward their agenda is paramount over issues that are counterproductive to their interest and profits. For instance, Time Warner, 21st Century Fox, and Cablevision Systems have contributed money to Hillary Clinton’s champagne, she gets a lot of air time as a result; 14 times more network news coverage than Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders has received no money from any media outlets. The same can be applied to other candidates as well. So when the news that you’re watching makes statements regarding a position regarding on politics, government or social issues, one needs to consider the source, because we are being brainwashed.

  • A High Probable Chance

    Recently I have been thinking about how trustworthy is the media truly. With the recent events of the Republican's Third GOP Debate, it goes to show on how the questions presented was heavily biased on one side or another. With this thought, I recently been questioning the credibility of the media in general. Not referring to one news source or another, but more so on a general bases.

    If we think about it, many television shows are more political party orientated than the next. Even in our own children shows it shows biases. Forcing down more Liberal beliefs on environmental protection, or gun rights and such. Does the media brainwash the viewers?

    Personally, I believe so because if you look at the facts and figures, those who watched a certain biased media gained those beliefs. Examples include bullying, where instead of the message being "Fight Back", it says "Go tell someone". This bias was more so in Liberal based media, while Conservative would be more so with gun rights. Personally, I think the media is no longer trustworthy, especially if its putting positive messages towards Hillary Clinton.

  • Brainwash equals big word

    Media does screw with people's minds, but I don't think that it brain washes their mind completely, I mean SOME people are smart enough to know if there is stupid rumor going around. I am 50/50 with this topic. 11 More words! Ok now I got to use my words up to submit this :P

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