Does the media cause teenage girls to develop eating disorders?

  • I had one

    I had an eating disorder and it was because of the image we get. Wome should be have big boobs and ass but be skinny with no fat around. It also makes guys like more skinny women, most guys i know wouldn’t even date a fat girl because she isn’t hot and they want someone like megan fox.

  • Yes the media causes eating disorders

    The media causes teenage girls to develop eating disorders because of how they advertise the slim little girls and the size they should be at a certain age. I think that they should not put an age and size together because everyones' body is not the same and should not be held to that same standard.

  • No it might contribute but not cause

    There is no one cause of an eating disorder. It is like a flower. It starts as a seed in the brain (genetic predisposition) Then with the images, Activity, and all general environment until it grow into a full blown eating disorder. So the answer is yes and no.
    Ps. I've had bulimia

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