• More visable during Elections

    Think about this, Around the elections (Doesn't matter which kind) we are constantly given bad views of candidates such as Trump being a Woman abusing business running pig and Hillary being a Man slaying feminist. I see it, Do you see it? Its pretty obvious once someones pointed it out.

  • Can influence be considered a form of control? Then yes!

    When was the last time media didn't support a decision people made? Media influences everything from what we choose to eat, Where we go on vacation, Where we choose to live, To who we vote for. The problem is we give media that kind of control. We choose to be under that kind of influence. But whether we choose to be controlled or not does not change the fact that the control exist. Our responsibility is to do enough research to choose wisely.

  • Social media: addictive

    Peoples popularity, fame, and success can all be controlled by social media. What no one knows is that the media can be faking it to draw more people into their dark and twisted trap... The land of your daily lives being stripped away to nothing more than a screen. Goodbye life.

  • The reasons why people are believing in the social media right now is because:

    1. The media tells both truths and lies, but people get tricked by the truths which they gain the trust from the media on the next new which they tell lies, therefore people start to believing in fake new.
    2. Think of any possibilities, rumours does spread on medias. But are they real? Some said yes, some said no, but a lot of people believing in it. Why? Because you care. For example people have a picture of your gf photoshop it kissing with another boy, you probably will if she flirts a lot. But if they post another letter that she wrote to that boy and you know it is her hand writing? You probably will believe you gf is actually cheating on you because you know the letter is written by her. But the fact is the letter is hers but it happened 3 years ago, but you will believe she is cheating right now because it have some truths that you know mixed with some lies. Same way how media works. They control people's minds by gaining their trust and tell them what to do from all the ways like fashion, famous actors and you should be like them, etc

  • Yes i believe that social media controls people's lives

    Media controls people as it pulls people away from reality.Media turns people into fomos (fear of missing out); they think that they need to be commenting on every picture, replying to every message etc. This is why I think that media controls peoples lives. I need words so that is why this sentence is there IGNORE IT!1

  • Media does and does not control us

    Both the points are right . Media does as well as it does not control our lives . Now a days whatever the news we get from news channels and other social media we start believing in that not knowing its right or not . Media tells us what to do and people start depending on them not thinking by themselves .We can trust on media but first , we should think whether they are speaking right or not . But media is important too , as it gives us the news about the world . Like it informs us about the cyclones and storms or earthquake. Whether the weather is going to be sunny or rainy . I think media is kind of important as well as little bit not important so I cant choose yes or no .

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  • The media controls how nd what we think

    Just imaging when the media says your favourite celebrity is dating with another girl or boy you will always believe it won't you? But who knows if it is the truth or not. Medias can always fake it, you will never know if they a telling the truth or lies. Media always persuade us since we gets or the information from them, we can't do anything other than just believe it!

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  • Hello this is not true

    This depends on the way people interpret it the people if addicted have to avoid using but 99 per cent age of people are not addicted to it so the statement is wrong people have full authority to control their mids which they do so what I am telling is the truth.

  • It does not

    No it does'nt because if we didnt type anything into google or explorer then the media wouldn't be able to control us as it woulsn't be able to show as any suggested sites or suggested advertisments. Therefor i feel it doesn't control us and that it never will until further in the future

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  • On some level the media controls us

    Many of our views and opinions, are souly based on what the media feeds us. People have become used to assuming everything the media tells us is absolutely true, when in reality it is far from it.
    Just look at the children of our generation. The number of girls obsessed with their physical appearance, and wanting to look like celebrity icons is disgustingly high. We need to begin, to boost the younger generation self esteem, and show them their self worth, without having to pose as someone their not.

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  • The media does not control your mind.

    You do not have to watch the media, it optional for you to view it. Also the media wants to make money and to make money they have to show ads. If people do not watch the media, then they make no money. Therefore they need to make the media enjoyable or captivating somehow. I don't think think they can really control our thoughts with simple ads and television segments

  • Influence yes, control no.

    The media does not control people's minds, greatly influence yes. Everyone has the ability to choose what they want and make decisions not to say that they are not heavily influenced by the media because they are but to say that the media controls our mind is wrong in my opinion.

  • Influence but everyone makes own decision

    Everyone has the ability to make their own decision and everyone has their own thoughts. Whether or not people act on their own or let the media influence them is completely their own problem. People cannot blame anything but themselves for their decisions they made and the problems that arose from those actions.

  • Influence not control

    I think that the media has a large effect on what products we buy, what things we consider trendy, what we believe and so on, however at the end of the day, we still are in control. Although we are being persuaded a lot by the media around us, the decision is still ours to make, so I think that saying the media is in control, would not necessarily be correct.

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