• Shit yeah they do aye

    Im going to be honest here. I dont really pay attention to that stuff. But there are some people who like have eating disorders and stuff from this shit. It seems pretty obvious to me that, that shit needs to change. Not that it is even that difficult, also im a solid kiwi lad and i get all this falg changing bs wracking my brain. There is something out ther i'll bet that we have no idea about. Who fucking cares about a flag. It's all just one big distraction. We are distracted from our own distraction. If you were corrupted, would you know all you "tires to" people. Oh hell nah. We are corrupted as fuck

  • They try to

    The tries to corrupt American values but I do not believe they have been able to succeed. The latest polls show that most Americans do not trust the media therefore they would need the public trust in order to succeed. How did the question been phraseD " does the media TRY to corrupt our values?" I would say yes.

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