• Media surely create stereo types

    Donald trump is a bad man.
    Did you ever meet donald trump ? If no then how can you judge him that is the stereo type that media spread in our society. There are other so many stereotypes that media portrays in a daily basis that we suffer from .

  • They just do

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  • Media creates stereotypes and builds invisible barriers

    Through the use of media manipulation. People are easily influenced as they get their sources from everywhere these days. People tend to follow the majority and not consider the perception of others, Especially the case of the Muslim's in the ISIS situation where Muslim's are being discriminated due to the acts of a few.

  • Yes, the media enchances stereotypes.

    The media definitely perpetrates stereotypes. Most of the news articles posted are resolved around the news media's attempt to make people feel inclined to argue about a news story. This in turn creates more viewership. You need to look no further than any story about a black man being murdered by a white man. Anytime this happens the media sensationalizes it trying to divide races into their stereotypes. Statistics show that whites murder whites and blacks murder blacks at a high rate, yet the media only reports certain types of murders.

  • Media does create stereotypes

    Mainstream media is responsible for the mass perception of individuals, conflicts, events, etc. The method that the media chooses to portray certain individuals essentially feeds these stereotypes, albeit positive or negative. Althought this might not be their primary objective, media portrayal gives society images that ultimately resonate with the masses.

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