• Yes they do

    The media perpetuates racism because they stand to profit from the hysteria of racism and prejudice. Racism exists no doubt about it but it is not nearly as acceptable as amer Can media will have you think. Divide and conquer is the only thing the elites think about. Wake up

  • Yes big time no question about it

    Now listen people of the web,these mass shootings and police brutality issues are terrible.I think we can all agree on that.You must have one thing in mind before giving your opinion and thats simple that its the media's job to attract attention they make money of viewers,so of course they will hyperboloid an issue

  • Yes, the media exaggerates cases of racial bias and discrimination.

    The media tries to draw attention and attract more viewers at all times. It happens that racial issues draw national attention pretty well. The situations tend to get taken out of context and the racial issues are taken from the event and transposed over the US demographics. The news will report for a week that white people still discriminate against other races when any kind of white on other race crime occurs.

  • The media exaggerates cases of racial bias and discrimination.

    The media exaggerates cases of racial bias and discrimination. I believe that it is important that they do focus on racial bias and discrimination. We sometimes get into our own world and do not realize the prejudices that still exist in our country. By exaggerating or focusing on these issues, we can all stay aware of the fact that changes still need to be made.

  • Yes, the media exaggerates cases of racial bias and discrimination.

    I definitely think that the media exaggerates a lot of the case that involves with racial bias and discrimination. I think that a lot of the stories have more to do with getting ratings than getting the facts straight. I also think that there is a lot of political bias.

  • No they are under reported

    I literally have to search in depth to find hate crimes. Hundreds happen and they are unreported like gay criminals.
    A beautiful white girl goes missing or is killed and you see it non stop. A black woman was missing the same day and no one bated an eye. They solved both cases but one was done with more attention and man hours of searching.
    White people like to hurt black and brown people but no one seems to care enough to report it. At most it is only reported once or twice and white people complain that it has too much attention.

  • No. . .

    In fact, most instances of such are never even mentioned by mainstream news media. The ones that are played are shown as-is, and any editorials will do the exaggerating. But the facts of the cases aren't usually lied about. Also, "media" is the plural of "medium" and verbs of which it is the subject need to be conjugated as such.

  • No,the media does not exagerrate cases of racial bias and discrimination.

    No,the media does not exaggerate cases of racial bias and discrimination.Many cases of discrimination never get reported in any official capacity so the media does not know about it and it does not become apparent to the general public.Large amounts of discrimination will exist whether or not the media reports it or not.

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