• Who’s Worst, The Media for the People Who Listen to the Bad News

    For many years the media has focused on the negative and it seems that most of the people who watch these bad news stories like it. So the shame needs to be equally shared. I have stopped watching the news or reading sources than are constantly negative in favor of finding the few sources that just publish the facts, Cold and dry.
    The mainstream media not only focuses on negative stories but they do everything they can to heighten the negative levels. It seems they think the louder they shout the bad the better their ratings will be. If you can find one Psycologist who says that there is no negative impact on people who constantly view negative information I will show you a person who stole their degree. I’m sick and tried of the media; I’m beginning to feel that a ‘totally’ free press is a bad thing.

  • Every. Time the news is on. Everytime. Its 30 seconds each back to back of a "frightfest" cheap ways to steal attention. Waste of time.

    To me. Half of the stories they air , the reporter ends up trying so hard to use as many obvious keywords as possible.

    They litteraly emphasize keywords, any word associated with bad, and the worst bad word they can think of for something a lot simpler. They say it as much as possible.

    Half the time I feel like the reporter tries so hard to make something out of nothing they just look so stupid doing it. Im not even going to use examples. Go turn o by our tv and if its not weather and traffic, which is also as bad as they can make it (but with less room for that, I've been in a few of the nations worst hurricanes. And yes people get hurt. But its 99.9% survival. Here in atlanta in our recent storm only 2 people died. And they made it the biggest thing possible.

    There are millions here.

    I've never seen a good story. Unless it was to shove some victim animal or human on the screen as much as possible to make people feel sad and hurt about what happens to people. That's the most positive it gets. A deformed child shoved in your face like its never happened.

    I get it. There's a lot of bad in the world. But they ARE making it worse. In my opinion. I believe there are people out there who see the world as just that. Crime. And it probably adds to it.

    I have too much more to say. Wayy too much.

    My girlfriend witnessed a murder outside our window. And the news wouldn't stop bothering everyone in the neighborhood. When knocking on our door we opened it to find a news chick and a camera man pointing at us in our home. We said "fuck off with your negativity" and slammed the door.

    I want to add. The news got NO USEFULL INFORMATION. The only thing they did was try to make friends and family of the criminal look bad. And tried to use the victims for attention. It happened because two guys didn't get a long. We knew them. But the news tried to say that there could probably be more murders that had to do with his friends.

    Hell. Maybe one of them will shoot a guy out of anger one day. But it wouldn't be tied to the first murder. They just had "beef" (haha. Drama queens.)

    But no. I want news channels to not report every single broken law. Most of these cases should remain private. In a court of law. Not plastered all over the internet for money.

    They need to report news. What's going on. What's moving humanity forward. I see more information about world events on Reddit than the news.

    To the people who say they have nothing else to air. I've lived in some bad places. I'm certain people aren't just dropping like flies. They cover entire states. Or events in the country. MILLIONS.

  • Are you serious

    80% of the Breaking News on World News Tonight is either about Trumps tweets and terrorist attacks. The media doesnt want a good story they want good ratings so they make it seem dramatic with sensationalism because, cmon you know people now of days only see the bad in things and never the good.

  • The media focuses on negative stories which ends in negative comments about famous events, the world or people

    The reason why the media focuses on negative stories is because people look at these more than positive stories which gives news companies more money but, give us negative opinions about the world, people and other things. Some examples of these things can be: video games cause murders, Pewdiepie deleting his channel, technology causing many kinds of problems etc. which holds some truth in it but not all, like the positive things such as: research shows that video games can increase memory capacity and can help in making difficult decisions in life, Pewdiepie donating millions of dollars to charities, new technology saving people's lives etc.

  • Crime destruction, death and murder

    I avoid the news as much as possible except to check the weather & occasionally get traffic updates. Life is challenging enough. Crimes, deaths, terrorism, & destruction along with ill formed stereotypes of the world aren't truly what most people want to see waking up & going to bed. Seriously!

  • Crime destruction, death and murder

    I avoid the news as much as possible except to check the weather & occasionally get traffic updates. Life is challenging enough. Crimes, deaths, terrorism, & destruction along with ill formed stereotypes of the world aren't truly what most people want to see waking up & going to bed. Seriously!

  • Rare media well done!

    CNN host refers to terrorism and fear while reporting on airplane part found off of Reunion Island though the gist of the story was supposed to be whether it was a part from the plane. Did you ever notice that every story on CNN is introduced with the phrase "breaking news", and they're not even Fox News.

  • Yes it does!

    Every day, the NY Daily News is reporting something bad like a shooting or demonizing someone of their words. Yes, there is too much bad news and its making everyone sad and mad. I want news that reports on the good things in life and save the negativity for the inside.

  • They definitely do.

    News agencies focus only on the most spectacular news, and don't give equal measure to the proportion of good news to bad news. They play mostly bad news, which makes viewers think the world is a terrible place. The media just tries to make money with sensationalism. Good news doesn't sell.

  • Yes, the media focuses too much on negative stories

    I think that the media puts way too much emphasis on negative stories. Anytime that I turn on the news, I hear about the worse things that can happen in our society. I hear far more about negative stories then I do about positive stories. This makes me not want to watch the news.

  • Not at all

    No, they do not focus to much on negative stories, it is just that most of the stories that are out their are negative. I think that if people did a lot more good things, then the news would be full of good and happy stories, but the world is different.

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