• Staggering1 of 6 mega news outlets are conservative, does not fully represent the right

    Fox news is more Catholic that Christian in its dialogue. That's great for Catholics, yet it often leaves them unprepared to debate with the rest of the right. And partially enables them to misrepresent the right. Trump came to power when all of the right came on board, it will always be there with the right candidates. Liberal media rose with the global rise of the corporation, only corporations write 300 page handbooks to eliminate employee freedoms, they employ webs of companies to centralize power, overreach.

  • Yes and it's very obvious.

    I think that liberals are taught to lie from childhood because if they told the truth then nobody would support them.They believe what mainstream media tells them without fact checking and I believe a lot of them are mentally ill if they honestly think that mainstream media isn't liberal biased.

  • 100 percent libtard media

    Trump hating homo loving crying room baby killing Muslim loving media all the fake tears so dumb . Anyone can see this .That is why trump is president and now even after trump won the nonsense keeps coming everyone should turn the nonsense off and ignore the media it is very clear that all of this is for an agenda the average joe knows this.

  • It has been leaning even more to the left recently

    Too much promoting evil things. Not enough decency. Supporting views that are hurtful to society. Supporting and promoting violence. Coverage of things that support the agenda of breaking up the family, promoting Homosexuality, promoting cheating on spouse, Encouraging Communism. Supports Political ideas that are not in the best interest of the american people.

  • It,s so obvious that their is liberal bias it boggles the mind that the question exist.

    Look at the money trail and who media outlets support .It becomes obvious what is what. The good old days of accurate reporting are gone and propaganda are here . There is so much more dirt on Hillary than Trump it should be in the forefront of reporting but it is not ?

  • The media has a liberal bias

    The media has a liberal bias as i feel because when Trump and Hillary debated in the first and second debate, it seemed that Lester, Cooper and Raddatz were biased towards Hillary by letting her speak longer than Trump when she would run over the clock, and they wouldn't accept Trump's comments.
    When Chris did the third debate it seemed that Trump would be allowed to voice his opinion but still be allowed to make gracious comments, and they held Hillary on a shorter "leash".

  • Elite globalists own media

    Obviously, the elite have always leaned left and those in the media - journalists, entertainers, etc. have been the ones to promulgate their views. The 1% globalists have much to gain by a liberal government that will be willing to loosen trade and open borders with little regard for the everyday hardworking masses. By portraying themselves as altruistic proponents of immigrants and the poor, they have been able to gain much support.

  • Absolutely only a fool would say no

    Look at how the media covered the RNC compared to the Hillary fawning we are seeing now. There's is such a bias. I saw where TBS was forced by Samantha Bee to apologize for making a Hillary joke. Look at the froth issuing from her mouth about trump. The liberals want to say the right is the divisive side. Please all they do is spew hate towards Trump and his supporters.

  • Tired of media opinion shoved down our throats

    The media is so obsessed with everyone hearing their liberal views that they no longer have the ability to effectively inform us of the facts. For the most part when we hear the media report something we listen to what they say and the understand the the complete opposite is the truth. The rejection of the political establishment isn't just about rebelling against career politicians, but also its about rebelling against the media. If they say to vote democrat, we will vote republican. We are just as sick of the media as we are the career politicians.

  • The libreal media is choked out most if not all conservitave media

    I say if not all becuause Fox News is pretty extream, I'm a conservative decently far on the right but Fox News has gotten pretty extreme. The reason we have very little conservative media is the left choked it out. The large city's with the mostly younger libreal crowd has created a high demand for libreal biased media over the years and we are witnessing the results

  • So Many More Conservative Outlets

    The Washington Journal is the most read newspaper in the US, FOX News is the most watched news station in the US, Rush Limbaugh runs the most listened to talk show in th US, FOX News is the 2nd news station most liked on Facebook, and the Drudge Report has the most traffic in the US. Oh, but the liberal media strikes again!!

  • It has a corporate bias

    All the outlets are corporations/private industries and corporations are generally conservative not liberal. "Liberal media" is a bull term, period. FoxNews is anything but liberal and many of the talk radio are definitely conservative. Again, corporate yes, liberal no. Liberalism died in 1968. It's been all very right wing since then. Deregulation of the finance industry, constant warfare, constant saluting the military industrial complex through advertising and propaganda. Actually, the news is propaganda for the ruling class, which again, is corporate. Ironically, Nixon would probably be considered liberal now.

  • who supports anonymous and praises ows

    Plain and simple if they do not call anonymous patriots, and occupy wall street heroes for using their first amendment rights. Its conservative media. There is no liberal media it is all corporate conservative fascist control. I would like to see some real liberal media and a liberal president Obama is just another old white conservative. Eisenhower was more liberal than Obama

  • FCC and the Large Conglomerates.

    There is no bias. How could there be a bias when these huge conglomerates own most of television and other broadcast media? What exactly does news corp own? Only a huge chunk of the media. The problem is that if these conglomerates are owned by such limited sources then essences the media produce is limited. Journalists have the right to write whatever they want. Essentially what everyone wants is an individual bias vs. media bias.

  • No only the echo chambers on the right believe this.

    The media does not have a liberal bias, this is something Fox and others have lead many to believe.

    They think telling a lie loud enough and long enough will make people believe them, there are many voices on both sides of the isle but only the right wing will tell you they are " fair and balanced " while talking from the side of their face.

  • No the media does not have a liberal bias

    It doesn't have a conservative bias either, it just plays both sides of the coin to make it seem like it does or doesn't have a bias in either direction. At the end of the day, the real bias it has is towards the REAL truth, the truth the government would rather you not know about who controls everything, from wealth to the information you get or don't each day. That's where their TRUE bias lies......the rest is just acting.

  • No, the argument claiming a liberal bias in the media is driven by the right wing

    The term "liberal bias" is a general term used by the GOP to attempt to slant the majority of legitimate negative coverage of the Republican Party as some kind of premeditated tactic by the media to push the Democratic agenda. There are many cable stations that are owned and operated by conservatives which broadcast with a slant toward the right.

  • The bias is corporate.

    There is media bias but it is for a corporate sanitized news that is short on factual information and long on sensationalism. The conservative outlets complain of bias but they are just as guilty of pandering to their viewers biases as the liberal outlets. A centrist has to sift through dreck on both sides to get sufficient information to be informed.

  • Just the opposite

    Follow the money, its human nature when you have no money or power you tend to be more liberal, when you have money and power you want to hang on to it with more conservative policys media outlets are to make money period. Therefor the media is conservative by nature.

  • There is a bias, but not necessarily a liberal one

    I believe the news today is really a tool that the ultra wealthy use to keep the masses fighting. The more we keep fighting, the less chance there is we will rise up and fight back against them. It's a fact that just 5 entities own more than 80% of the media.

    Posted by: Abeo

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