• Out of proportion

    The media reports their news by emphasizing some details or omitting others causing people to choose one side or the other. You can look up the same story on, (for example), Fox then CNN and it's like reading two totally different scenarios. News stations are looking for ratings even though the one thing they really should be doing is keeping us informed. Stories are blown out of proportion causing people to be at odds with each other. Everyone is expected to have such a strong opinion and the lack of actual news is a driving force behind the extreme feelings toward one another. I don't believe our country is in as bad a place as the media allows and promotes us to think. . . It's just adding fuel to the fire.

  • Gas Shortage in Texas.

    There is NO shortage AT ALL. The ONLY thing that happen was the shutdown of a delivery pipe from Houston to Dallas. This will only cause a delay in gas delivery - not an actual decline in supply. The media blew it out of proportion, sending everyone in a panic to the gas stations. Gas stations are out in N. Texas because of the panic created by the media.

  • Caring about money

    The news tends to only try to view over controversial and bad topics depicting the world today as an awful place, but statistics show the opposite trend. The reason why we think of the past as being better is due to the news overinflating issues that the past has had as well.

  • Sports is a waste of money and they report that shit like its real news

    First off if you understand inflation and deflation then you can see the big problem with sports then there is the news airing sports when they could be airing missing people reports then there is all the mindless tv shows that distract people from actually doing anything with there day like learning something new to make there life easyer so they don't have to work like a slave for shit you could do yourself if you actually had learned how to do it

  • Somethings should not be promoted

    Yes, I believe that the media makes the problems in society worse. In some cases the media seem to blow many things out of proportion which makes things worse then what they would have been. The media in some ways, promote negative actions by continuing to breathe life into to the situation. Some criminals thrive on attention and this is what the media gives them constantly.

  • Yes: The Media Makes Problems in Society Worse

    This is true if we consider the "media" to be mainstream media, or the media that the majority of people in a society consume. Alternative media can provide healthy critiques and insights, but it also can be flawed in its own bias. People largely do not have time to do proper investigation, and are generally misled. The mainstream media has a significant role to play in keeping the public distracted and misinformed.

  • Yes, they do.

    The media does make problems in society worse today, because everything is for a profit. There are so many cliff hangers, biases, and fear mongering that it is making people much more cynical than they need to be. Including myself at certain times. There's no more responsibiity in the media.

  • In Some Cases

    I believe the media has the opportunity to make society a better place, but the can also make society worse. I believe this is primarily depends on what kind of news coverage is offered. I believe it is important for the media to report on items in a balanced manner where acts of good faith are covered as well, you will see a benefit to society.

  • problems in society

    America is falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to higher education. The main reason for this is that it costs too much to become educated. In order for this country to rise to higher ranks, we should all absorb the costs of education to make it more affordable and accessible to all citizens. Taxing graduates alone is counterproductive.

  • Media is a good thing

    Media is good and it helps people, it lets them know whats going on. Yes i agree that media blows up to much. But the point is to let us know whats going on its like the news. The news blows up as well and i don't think its fair to the media

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